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Everything Is Born of Woman

Everything Is Born of Woman, the First Feminine Truth, is the symbolic idea of nonordinary reality.

Indigenous wisdom held that feminine energy had distinct properties that were singular, utilizable, stable and had component elements. Adepts were able to “see” the energy flows from this invisible field. In our recent modern history, the “particle/wave” experiment in physics has demonstrated that our thoughts (or perception) have the ability to create and change real time outcomes.

To achieve balance in the world, indigenous wisdom gave honor to the nonordinary reality. From it, ordinary reality is born. And so it was passed down from mother to daughter, father to son, that feminine energy is the unseen and mysterious force in the universe that is the womb of creation.

The First Feminine Truth

The first time that I ever heard the phrase: “Everything Is Born of Woman” I was astounded by its simplicity. It seemed perfectly natural that we would think that it is a beautiful and complete phrase. However, in truth, I would come to understand over the years and throughout my subsequent apprenticeship and study, that there is nothing simple about it.

“Everything Is Born of Woman” is the first feminine truth. It is not to be interpreted literally. Rather, the words are symbolic. At the heart of its meaning is that there is an invisible mystery that is the womb of creativity and creation. It is unseen and yet it holds all possibility. This is key to understanding our inter-connectedness to all of life. This mystery extends the invisible threads that connect us, each to the other, to all ideas and everything alive that exists all around us.