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Unconditional Love Balances Strength with Compassion

Can you say it’s OK to give unconditional love to project leaders in an organization when they have done wrong? I’m talking about people you work with but won’t necessarily befriend. Would you let them know with love?

I say, “Yes”. In fact, I just sent a compassionate letter to people deeply immersed within a system and found it both frustrating and hopeful. I know that when these types of tests arrive on one’s Path with Heart, it is a struggle to maintain composure. These can be very trying, emotional situations. There may be inherent confrontation.

However, I think that in our current world climate, there seems to be less space for a classical approach to dialog and debate. The reception of your address has to actually be “heard”. Also, power structure dominance has allowed for increasing polarization about what behaviors are “acceptable” and what are “wrong” when confronting institutional bias. This is disturbing because it suggests a weakening of democratic principles of inclusive participation.

For me, knowing what my boundaries are is both valuable and helpful. My advice: Become free from debt and health concerns. Find networks that are committed to helping you. From a place of strength you can love unconditionally and the power of that love is transformative.

The 7th Alignment Principle

Practicing Unconditional Love is a Balance between Strength and Gentle Compassion is this moon’s alignment principle. The best example of this is to think about our beautiful Grandmother Earth. She loves all of her creatures unconditionally. She is resiliant and she provides us with everything that we need to live. When we think about living without judgment, comparison, or expectation, we are able to move in our world with love for ourselves and All Our Relations.

Young At Play

One of the best examples of unconditional love toward the self is to look at children playing. If a child makes a mistake what you usually see is that child, getting up and beginning anew. There isn’t a worrisome thought about negotiating with the self or getting upset with the self. A child lives in the moment. Starting fresh or giving it another go is what it’s all about. Our new mantra might be: The more I play, the more I learn.

Unconditional Love

The seventh feminine truth links our physical actions with the sacred. What that means is that we have already made a commitment to accept responsibility for every action that we make. We are impeccable in our actions and therefore, our actions are sacred acts. 

To have clarity about this means that we also recognize our perfection as beings made from love. Of course, as human beings we make lots of mistakes. That is our journey. It is all part of the learning.

The direction of unconditional love must flow inward first. When we accept and love ourselves we can not turn away from the consequences of our actions.