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Witness & Revelation

Is the sacred inherent in the act of being a witness? If you are truthful in examining what you have witnessed, what is revealed?

My indigenous teachers cautioned me about those who have the “missionary zeal”. Thus, I shy away from rules, dogma, and what is supposed to be. I tell my students to live their own truth.

It is the discerning ability to trust in yourself (through much practice and discipline) that determines what kind of a seer you will become.


One of the principal reasons for disciplined meditation practice (entering into the Stillness) is so we may experience our interconnectedness. This is sometimes called the Oneness.

It is essentially a state of Bliss because we not only realize: (1) that we are made from Love; but also our heightened awareness (2) achieves the ability to understand our perfection.

Holding onto that exquisite and sublime experience is dependent on how much we learn to Trust what we have seen.

Enter A New Moon

The 4th New Moon of 2012 appeared on Saturday and today I reread the chapter on the immortal grandmother moon, “Looks Far Woman”, from Jamie Sams book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, in preparation for my 13 Feminine Truths class tomorrow.

I LOVE this grandmother and everything that she stands for, but mostly, I am reminded that everything that we have is within us if we just trust it. Learning to trust what we see within takes a lot of discipline and study. But when we have learned to discern and discriminate what is true from illusion, all the answers reside in nature and will appear to us. That is true magic.