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The Six


Storyteller, the sixth full moon, begins tonight. She is the seer of speaking the truth. The natural world is alive with song. All we have to do is be open to listen. We may even become a discerning enough listener and seer to ask questions and be confident that the answers will come. This, however, is a disciplined practice of routinely going into the silence.

This moon also reminds me of the six. I was taught that the number six represents all of our ancestors beginning with the Grandparents. When we call out to them in personal ceremony we may say, “All of Our Ancestors Who Have Loved Us Since Always”. I love this shout out. It’s beautiful.

When we honor the spiritual aspect of our human ancestry (the individuals who trekked and endured and brought change, so that we may have an enriched life experience because of their wisdom), I feel heartened. This is what the Medicine Chiefs, our philosophical/spiritual leaders, try to teach us. They want us to learn about our own symbolic language–how we interacted with what is real and tangible on the Good Red Road of Life.

The Crack Between the Two Worlds

To get to the Crack Between the Two Worlds is to become so accomplished a seer that you are no longer distracted by illusion. This is the relevant lesson that we are learning from month 5 in my course, The White Bear Medicine Shield. One of the greatest lessons comes from the reading, Looks Far Woman, in Jamie Sams’ book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers.

I love Sams’ lush rendering of the gateway or Crack Between the Two Worlds. I must admit that if I were to ever describe that kind of experience myself, I would feel somewhat embarrassed. I know well that it is the rational, academic part of me that seeks to evade such flourish. I also know that reaching the Crack doesn’t have to look the way she described it. We must remember that power comes to us uniquely. It is especially designed for the individual. When you do arrive there the vision of it will be just for you.

Perhaps you have had a fleeting vision of the Crack already? Why not if you are already a seeker? Just as was described in Sams’ text, the vision of it is so overwhelming that our senses go into overload. That’s why we receive glimpses in balance with our conscious awareness and understanding.

Who are the best teachers to guide our way? They are the Natural World. The Natural World is singing to us. Their voices are alive with song, if only we will open our hearts.

Happy New Moon everyone!

Entering 5th New Moon Cycle

Hope some of you were able to view the solar eclipse that accompanied the New Moon cycle this past Sunday! 🙂

Jamie Sams, author of The 13 Original Clan Mothers, calls this immortal grandmother moon, “Listening Woman”. The parable that she gives us about her is so sweeping in its wisdom that one could teach multiple lessons on how to become a discerning listener, learning how to “hear” the truth as we travel our Paths with Heart.

From this I have distilled the 5th Feminine Truth: “All living beings have a voice”.

When was the last time you took the time to listen?

Enter A New Moon

The 4th New Moon of 2012 appeared on Saturday and today I reread the chapter on the immortal grandmother moon, “Looks Far Woman”, from Jamie Sams book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, in preparation for my 13 Feminine Truths class tomorrow.

I LOVE this grandmother and everything that she stands for, but mostly, I am reminded that everything that we have is within us if we just trust it. Learning to trust what we see within takes a lot of discipline and study. But when we have learned to discern and discriminate what is true from illusion, all the answers reside in nature and will appear to us. That is true magic.