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Whale Medicine

I’m in a bit of a transition (actually Shamanic Death) which seems to happen often when one is an agent of change. So, I’ve been struggling with adopting the attitude of “Surrender”. Whenever I feel anxious about making the change go more quickly, I have been consulting oracular artifacts. I was recently gifted some Runes and they have proven to be very helpful. They keep giving me the same messages in varying guises which always suggest that I let go of the old me so that the new me may emerge. I appreciate that I need so many reminders about not resisting the transitions between change. Those seem to be the most difficult times because they are so nebulous.

At the same time, I have been reading The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale. Fascinating read because it links all of the new research applications of quantum physics to the body. Whale medicine is knowing when you are in communication with another being. It is similar to telepathy. The part that I really enjoyed from the book was how the chakras aid healers in identifying ways to help individuals. While we may all have whale medicine gifts, we are more adept with specific chakras.

Since I am dedicated to changing my habits, I am finding that resistance is futile. What is helping me more than anything is focusing on all of the good, not my frustrations. What good is coming from this change. What positive things am I seeing about my self? Almost finished wrestling with the cocoon, I am beginning to feel my wings dry in the sun.

Surrender to Nature

Last week I was confronted with the habitual patterns of interaction I had developed with significant individuals in my life. Resisting change, I wanted to cut away that which I thought would end my distress. After a few hours, I found that the resolution was woefully inadequate. In fact, my distress had only increased so I concluded that this was not the answer I was seeking. Rather, I am a woman who is compelled to be open to change and the power of love. After a good night’s sleep, I awoke to a beautiful mantra, “Surrender to the Great Spirit.” Consequently, that day, every time I felt an anxiety well up inside of me, I simply repeated the mantra and felt tremendous peace.

Within 24 hours, a new resolution appeared in the form of a spontaneous trip to Seattle, WA where I could benefit from a change in scenery and, ultimately, perspective. There, I was miraculously shown mirrors of my habits. And, from being able to see them so clearly, a healing pathway literally opened up before my eyes.

Surrendering to the infinite creativity of nature is a wondrous and magical delight.


Having given my workshop participants a personal ceremony to practice forgiveness, I began to read some other cultural perspectives based in eastern and western psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

What is fascinating is that researchers notice that once we humans get to our deepest feelings of hurt, we would rather dwell and wallow there than leave it behind and move forward. Perhaps this is true because we are more frightened of our true power.

If we allow it, the process to get in touch with the wounds, forgive and move forward may happen very quickly. Our healing (and some say, on a cellular level), is a by-product of renewal.

I notice with myself that I tend to want to go back and dig up what I have planted. I want to check in with my feelings or go back to the past. Ultimately, I think this is counterproductive. After all, we don’t go and dig up seeds we’ve planted. We do what is required for the FUTURE well being of the seeds. We tend them with nourishment. So too, with our bodies, minds and spirit. In our present, we tend them with the nourishment that their future selves require. When we have finished with the past, we let it go.

One word I have heard used to describe this is “Surrender”.