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Discerning Listening, Part 3

The last part of becoming a discerning listener is to listen to the voice within. As I’ve stated many times before, a disciplined practice of meditation (however you define it) allows you the space to go within, sit with stillness, and see what emerges from your inner wisdom. At first, the message may be faint but after impeccable practice, it will become vibrant and resounding.

The Web of Radiance

Being an adept requires a discipline of entering the stillness. As we move from apprenticeship to mastery, we are able to “see” the web of radiance. The web of radiance was introduced to us through the Indigenous wisdom stories of Spider Woman. Spider Woman taught us that we are luminous beings made from the loving strands of radiance that connect and bind us, each to the other and to all our relations.

The Stillness

The Sacred Fire of Love is revealed to us when we enter into stillness. Entering into stillness is an act of stopping time. Stopping time opens the crack between the two worlds of what is here now and what is infinitely possible. The crack between the two worlds exposes the radiance of creativity. An Eastern interpretation of entering into stillness is the practice of meditation.