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This past week I have seriously considered how and when significant people on my Path With Heart have revealed themselves to me. I was trained not to let anyone get to know the “Real” me unless certain conditions were met. This is partly an historical response to being conquered and colonized. I was taught that only when an individual, first and foremost, asks me to open my wisdom to him or her OR only when an individual has intimately revealed that a connection in spirit exists between us, I may move forward with that individual. This has proven to be pragmatic more than anything else. Our time here on Grandmother is short and why complicate it with unnecessary entanglements?

However, the danger has been to dismiss individuals because, once again, my nemesis is Patience. When I align myself with the second Alignment Principle,┬áto fully live in the moment, Time and Space compress and expand at the same time. I Stop Time and am able to “Remember” the individual who has sought me out. I remember that we were kindred spirits in Love and the Desire to Learn both from One Another and from the existential lessons of Being Alive. While these beings I encounter are rare indeed, the love that I feel for them knows no limits and I am grateful.

Heal Yourself

I’ve been writing about the power of love and loving yourself this past moon. Even though I’ve mentioned things like giving into indulgences, recognizing that you are a being made from love can be the best tonic for what ails. Everyone of us is given challenges that we must face in our lives. Some of them can be damaging to our spirit. Just remember to call upon All Your Relations to send you love. Feel the love raining down upon you. Soak it in. Send that love back out. You are perfection. You are now on the path to health and balance.


Having given my workshop participants a personal ceremony to practice forgiveness, I began to read some other cultural perspectives based in eastern and western psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

What is fascinating is that researchers notice that once we humans get to our deepest feelings of hurt, we would rather dwell and wallow there than leave it behind and move forward. Perhaps this is true because we are more frightened of our true power.

If we allow it, the process to get in touch with the wounds, forgive and move forward may happen very quickly. Our healing (and some say, on a cellular level), is a by-product of renewal.

I notice with myself that I tend to want to go back and dig up what I have planted. I want to check in with my feelings or go back to the past. Ultimately, I think this is counterproductive. After all, we don’t go and dig up seeds we’ve planted. We do what is required for the FUTURE well being of the seeds. We tend them with nourishment. So too, with our bodies, minds and spirit. In our present, we tend them with the nourishment that their future selves require. When we have finished with the past, we let it go.

One word I have heard used to describe this is “Surrender”.