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Accept Responsibility

I apologize for not letting you, dear readers, know that I would be taking a spring break haitus.

Last week the full moon came in all of her glory and questions about why we are so quick to judge, compare, expect, and so slow to accept responsibility for the myriad of choices we make every day occupied my thoughts. Simply, we are brainwashed into thinking that we individuals are way more important than we, in fact, are.

We eat other lives so that we may live. Just because we are higher on the food chain does that make us more important? Indigenous wisdom see the truth that anyone following that trail is caught up in illusion. All life forms emit energy that is sustance to other life forms. We live in equality on that basis alone.

The best way to practice and come into alignment with the principles of equality is to eradicate one’s self-importance. The best way to do that is to practice going into the silence and taking responsibility for every thought and action. Be an impeccable human.


Heart Movement

From the vantage point of the North position on the Medicine Wheel, we look at our third feminine truth, “All Paths Are One”, for the last time before the fourth New Moon’s arrival on Saturday.

Mars has left it’s retrograde status after 11 weeks. Mars helped us realize that our heart movement comes through and by change and conflict.

I leave you with these wise words from Don Juan Matus, Carlos Castenedas’ great Yaqui teacher:

“Now we are concerned with losing self-importance. As long as you feel that you are the most important thing in the world you cannot really appreciate the world around you. You are like a horse with blinders, all you see is yourself apart from everything else.”

Forgive Yourself

This month’s personal ceremony for alignment (getting self-importance in check) was assigned to my workshop participants.

I asked them to choose a worthy opponent that they have not yet forgiven. Then it occurred to me that it’s easy to forgive others but what about yourself?

Are you ready to face the power that is you? Since we are beings made from love, you are sheer perfection. Breathe this important truth into yourself and celebrate you.

Third Full Moon Tomorrow!

To overcome our self-importance means to accept responsibility for every action and decision that we make. That is a lot to take in on this full moon.

A good full moon meditation would be to acknowledge someone who has taken the “worthy opponent” stance opposite you. How was your ego challenged in dealing with this individual? What did that encounter teach you about yourself? Was there something about that person that you see in yourself and makes you want to run for the hills? What can this encounter teach you about being more authentic or are you still wearing a mask?

At the end of your reflection, thank that individual for being there to challenge you in this important way. When we lose our self-importance, we begin to see with clarity and look at the world in a more humble way. We remember our interconnectedness.