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Walking Tall and Feeling Good this Thanksgiving!

I feel I was “walking tall” this month. I feel that my vulnerability was cradled by curiosity. I’m happy I dove into poetry, music, and composition.

I continue to embrace a small-footprint life with my loved ones. It feels amazing to be with All My Relations right now, enjoying raking leaves or cooking recipes from all over the world.

The White Bear Medicine Shield class is concluding. Walking the Earth with these lovely and amazing women has enriched my Path With Heart. With them, I look forward to this month’s Grandmother Moon, Gives Praise, and all that she may teach me.

My hope and wish is that everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving, filled with love, inspiration, and really good food. Life as it unfolds is remarkable, mysterious, and gratifying.


Creative Writing

I’m taking a bunch of fall courses through various MOOC offerings. One is called, “How Writers Write Fiction” based out of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. I completed a setting/dialog exercise last night for this week’s assignment. It’s practice for my dream of writing a Young Adult novel in the near future. Here it is:

Setting/Dialog Exercise

They pulled into the dead end street. Susanna could see the side of the auto body shop come into view, its concrete face looming over barren scrub and dirt. She grabbed the window crank and whipped it around until the window disappeared.

She didn’t need to lean her head by degrees because her face was instantaneously slapped by heat. She instinctively let her mind turn her body into a flyspeck then cast it toward a dark cellar.

“What are you doing? You’re messing up the air conditioner,” said her mother.

Susanna sat all the way back in her seat and turned the window handle opposite the natural movement of her thumb. It ached to push it this way.

“Will you hurry up, for God’s sake!”

The wheels crunched against the gravel road and she could hear the hard crackle turn into a softer shiver as they pulled into the wide incline of her grandmother’s property, the entire front lot covered in sand.

Susanna’s mother put the automatic lever into park jerking the car to an abrupt stop and turned to her.

“We’re here,” she said.

Susanna didn’t like her mother’s expression. Master at feigning the pursed smile, Susanna invariably perceived it as a sort of grey grimace, the natural pink outline completely pressed out. This lynx-like expression nearly always came before a storm, clouding what Susanna thought might be reasonable, making her feel vulnerable. She thought, here it comes.

“Just one second, Susanna. Before we go in I have something to tell you. I had you pack for a week but the truth is– I’m leaving you here for a while–a few weeks this summer.”

Susanna couldn’t breathe. She tried to suck in something that would help her feel a tangible now. She folded her arms and pinched the skin by her left elbow. Was she really here? Wasn’t she promised the lazy comfort that comes from all things familiar—her room, her books, her music?

Her mother shifted, her eyes an indistinct gaze through the windshield.

“It will be OK, I promise.”

She turned back to look at Susanna and said, “Get your things. Let’s get moving. I want to get back.”

Susanna fixated on her mother’s lipstick, the crimson of it meeting at a dark pin prick where the lips merged, drawing her into its vortex.

“Come on,” she said.

Susanna came back to herself.

“What happens if I don’t like it here?”

“Just help your grandmother. I’ll call you soon. Before you know it, the time will fly.”


Let me know what you think. 🙂










The Amazing YOU

This past month I have asked you to focus on how you dream and then create a Balanced life. We have been given many tools, especially becoming discerning and impeccable practitioners on our Paths with Heart, the Beauty Way.

What seeds have you planted for the future: your future as well as the inclusive future for All Your Relations?

As we wind our way inward, I hope that you use this season to give yourself space to reflect on the amazing power of You.


Seventh Moon Cycle

RoseIt was no coincidence that when I met with my students this past week to talk about the seventh moon cycle, their reflections already incorporated the truth. The idea of living with “intention” is an apt description. Since there is no meaning to life because life is just what it is–a cyclical process of renewal and decay– our meaning is derived from what we as individuals decide it should be.

If we are true seekers of knowledge then our choice is to embrace this feminine truth: On Our Path With Heart (The Beauty Way), there is a Sacred Intention for Every Physical Action.

Everything we think, say and do counts.

Give Away

To find a clear path on your Path with Heart, it is imperative to clear away the debris.

One of the first personal ceremonies I ask of my students is to do just that. I ask them to give away something that they feel may be holding them back on their quest for true personal power. The ceremony is tied to deep inner work and by month three in our journey, deep shifts are already taking place. Enthusiasm is dampened a bit because the work causes resistance.

Not to be daunted, I keep checking in with my students to let them know that I am doing the same work and I meet the same resistance. All we really need to do is move forward, bit by bit, identifying those barriers to our self realization.

This time for my ceremony, I chose to focus on my self-importance. There are so many lessons to be learned from reevaluating one’s ego and committing to the humble stance.