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Sacred Laws and Health

As we continue to “spiral” around the Medicine Wheel with the Feminine Truths, we have arrived at the Northeast position. It is the place of the “Dog Soldiers” on the Circle of Law. Dog has the special medicine power of “Loyalty”. And the Northeast is the intersection of “Wisdom and Logic” and “Illumination and Enlightenment”. It is the place of “laws” and “morals”.

Indigenous wisdom held that laws are truths because they do have a moral imperative. Since the Children’s Fire is in the center of the Medicine Wheel and governing Circle of Law, Indigenous leaders continuously reflected on any decision’s impact on and consequence to future generations. The goal was to maintain the healthy balance of the tribe.

The Dog Soldier is the foot soldier for the tribal community. She is the loyalist who helps to maintain the Health and Balance of her people based on the Sacred Feminine Truths.