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Happy New Moon 2015!

Hello Dear Readership!

The official New Year begins for me on the New Moon which was technically yesterday. I have to tell you that the last week before the New Moon was so wrought with challenges and excitements that I am utterly exhausted! The mantra, “Never, ever, give up!” helps me examine the meaning that I have created in this life and it is always good.

I have chosen “Love” as my touchstone word for this year of moons. I rejoice in the presence of this symbol for my intention in the coming months. I think that I will need it. While I have gone into nature and acknowledged the love that I feel for “All My Relations”, I continue to astound at the vitriol and violence that is present in our waking dream. It has caused me to reassess the shamanic philosophy that I once held dear that I may anticipate outcomes if I exercise acute awareness. Of course, I don’t want to adopt any hubris that I am unable to make mistakes. In fact, I know through experience that there will be moments of humiliation on my path.  These episodes help me keep my sense of humor and stay humble.

New philosophical thoughts emerge that ask me to confront the “chaos theory” of misdirected (and sometimes violent) intentions due to: (1) the lack of social justice directives for our needy human relations on Earth; and (2)  the prevalence and persistent pervasiveness of fear-generating propaganda. I am now open to the idea that random collisions are within probability. While this is frightening, I promise to send out love as a barrier of protection. I promise to exercise courtesy, thoughtfulness, and graciousness. I promise to enhance my state of awareness so that I may erect proper boundaries. I promise to move forward each and every day to help teach the symbolic language of my ancestors, to elevate the “feminine” principle, “Everything is Born of Woman”, and to help my human relations learn the power of Balance on their Paths With Heart.

At present, I will be writing to you on a weekly basis as I did last year. As always, I have plans for new ideas but they are in flux and unfolding. Thank you for all of your support!

The Crack Between the Two Worlds

To get to the Crack Between the Two Worlds is to become so accomplished a seer that you are no longer distracted by illusion. This is the relevant lesson that we are learning from month 5 in my course, The White Bear Medicine Shield. One of the greatest lessons comes from the reading, Looks Far Woman, in Jamie Sams’ book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers.

I love Sams’ lush rendering of the gateway or Crack Between the Two Worlds. I must admit that if I were to ever describe that kind of experience myself, I would feel somewhat embarrassed. I know well that it is the rational, academic part of me that seeks to evade such flourish. I also know that reaching the Crack doesn’t have to look the way she described it. We must remember that power comes to us uniquely. It is especially designed for the individual. When you do arrive there the vision of it will be just for you.

Perhaps you have had a fleeting vision of the Crack already? Why not if you are already a seeker? Just as was described in Sams’ text, the vision of it is so overwhelming that our senses go into overload. That’s why we receive glimpses in balance with our conscious awareness and understanding.

Who are the best teachers to guide our way? They are the Natural World. The Natural World is singing to us. Their voices are alive with song, if only we will open our hearts.

Happy New Moon everyone!


Hello Dear Readers,

I have been intending my Path With Heart over the course of the new moon cycle which ended last week. The Full Moon cycle began last Friday. All I can report in is that I am continuing to heal myself with nourishing foods, exercise, and body work. I have recently discovered essential oils and am applying them liberally in concert with meridians that I have learned from acupuncture. All is going well.

Last week I went to the beach for another respite from the agricultural dust in my town. What surprised me was the uplifting buoyancy that I felt. I actually ran along the water’s edge in four sequences! This was remarkable considering my breath was so labored five short weeks ago that I thought I might die. I’m looking forward to following my intuition and applying all of the Indigenous Medicine knowledge that I have to become a timeless Woman of Power.

9th New Moon Cycle

The 9th new moon of the year came and went at the end of last week. The feminine truth for this cycle is all about being intentional on your Path With Heart. Last moon cycle, I experienced shamanic death which manifested in a traumatic physical stress. I, like the fool, was knocked on my ass, and there was no where but to calmly look up and gently move forward. For me the lesson and shift in conscious living will most likely be permanent. I really can’t see things in the same way I did before. As a result, I have become a lot more intentional about how I will interact in the world and with myself. I continue to be on the path to healing, balance and whole wisdom.

A wonderful outcome of “death” is rebirth. I am renewed to continue to teach about the Medicine Wheel, Indigenous Wisdom and the 13 Feminine Truths. I have figured out a new poster to entice interested parties to go on the yearlong journey with me in 2014. I have decided to rename the class, “The White Bear Medicine Shield” because we will, in fact, construct a Medicine Shield throughout the year. It will weave and integrate all of the learning for each participant. I really like the new framework. My former participants have told me that constructing their shields changed their lives. I have a vision of a million shields reflecting the ecstatic love and nurturing of the feminine throughout the world. May it be so.

Nature Responds

With the advent of the New Moon last week, I began my reflection on the Fourth Feminine Truth which honors that all answers may be found within the natural world. This natural world also includes our innermost awareness when we are balanced and at one with the Stillness. In this state, we may become receptive to messages as well as sending them.

A friend introduced me to Runes a couple of weeks ago and loaned them to me for a time. This year has been a time of upheaval and change so I occasionally draw a Rune to give me an encouraging touchpoint for the day or week. Any archetypal symbol holds ancient connections to our psyche and existential experience. Many provide direct connections to the symbolic power of nature.

Through Indigenous wisdom, I was taught that silencing the interior mind was key to being able to listen to the voices of All My Relations in the natural world. If I feel that an initiation is happening to me, something new that I have never experienced before, I feel comfortable asking for assistance from all of Life. The highest part of my being connects with that unseeable and invisible force that is beyond my capacity to understand. I surrender to it by accepting that it’s real. Almost certainly, I receive feedback deep within me that helps me take my next steps forward.