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Listening in my Garden

Since my favorite spot in nature is literally my own backyard, I try to get out there as much as possible. My totems are the way that I am arranging the plants to create food and habitat. I have seen a couple of snakes and three different families of bees. My berry and ceanothus plants in full bloom are just humming. I try to get out in the morning before all of the natural world is wide awake and busy working. I have abandoned my gloves so that I may feel the dirt directly on my fingertips and really grab onto those tiny roots of unwanted specimens. It’s funny how when one invader is eradicated space is created for another to breed unfettered. I think I like who is showing up now, creating nice carpets on bare ground. Also, it’s fun to see how some of the experiments are becoming established. A vision from one’s mind’s eye a couple of years ago is now actually becoming real. I am taking pictures of the changes I see taking place but I am afraid that they aren’t really capturing the vividness of the moment.

Being a good listener this past week was great motivation to work and study on my self-expression. I managed to work on a piece that I have found daunting. I keep at it and so now I am able to see that I will finish it. Yeah!

I hope you have a wonderful and enlightening week, full of quiet conversation with your totems and allies.

Nature Responds

With the advent of the New Moon last week, I began my reflection on the Fourth Feminine Truth which honors that all answers may be found within the natural world. This natural world also includes our innermost awareness when we are balanced and at one with the Stillness. In this state, we may become receptive to messages as well as sending them.

A friend introduced me to Runes a couple of weeks ago and loaned them to me for a time. This year has been a time of upheaval and change so I occasionally draw a Rune to give me an encouraging touchpoint for the day or week. Any archetypal symbol holds ancient connections to our psyche and existential experience. Many provide direct connections to the symbolic power of nature.

Through Indigenous wisdom, I was taught that silencing the interior mind was key to being able to listen to the voices of All My Relations in the natural world. If I feel that an initiation is happening to me, something new that I have never experienced before, I feel comfortable asking for assistance from all of Life. The highest part of my being connects with that unseeable and invisible force that is beyond my capacity to understand. I surrender to it by accepting that it’s real. Almost certainly, I receive feedback deep within me that helps me take my next steps forward.

Full Moon Reflections & Lizard: Keeper of Dreams

Blog LizardHello. Today is the Full Moon. In the spirit of this wonderful Grandmother, I’ve been thinking about the symbolic “kinship” that I feel with all of the Natural World. When I allow myself space to honor all of Life and the Sacred Fire that exists within each living being, my heart and spirit expand. During these moments that may last only as long as one breath, I feels as though I am able to stop time.

This last week, an opportunity to submit a printmaking piece from my new animal series into a community show appeared. Carving linoleum is akin to sculpture and my interest in the infinite space of carving impeccably gives me lots of time to consider the “medicine” ways of each animal.

This last week I focused on the “Sweet Medicine” of Lizard: Keeper of Dreams. I was taught that the dreams lizard holds for us are dreams of sorcerers. They are power dreams full of intent, symbols and magic. My original design for Lizard intimidated me for many months. Finally the Sacred Fire within Lizard could no longer be contained and she helped me find the way to express her spirit. My heart is full.