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Full Moon Meditation

Indigenous wisdom provides teachings of a woman’s power time. The lessons show that one of her post powerful times of creativity coincides with her menses. Even if women are past the age of bleeding, Grandmother Moon offers an opportunity to see the creative force of power by reflecting it back when she is full. The full moon cycle includes the days preceding and following the full moon.

I usually ask my students to set this time aside to meditate on something that they wish to pull into their lives. Offering a fully realized visual image which includes how you will gift others when what you have achieved becomes material is a beautiful way to acknowledge your interconnection with All Our Relations, as well as honor the third feminine truth, All Paths Are One.

Second Moon

Connecting with All Our Relations is to recognize their Sacred Fire of Love. It is the flame of Spirit within each living being. One of the tasks I ask my students to do is gather a Totem that is a symbolic representation of one of their Relations. This may seem easy to do but it is no small feat to have a Totem speak to you in a way that you are certain that it is meant to come home with you. You must exhibit discerning listening which is a disciplined practice.

One of the ways to foster this practice is to sit in meditation outside for a set length of time. I ask my students to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. During this time it is important to have a very high level of awareness and attention to everything that is going on around you. When I was first asked to engage in this discipline, one of my own teachers asked me afterward to describe the wind–from whence it came, how it shifted and when, what did it feel like, etc. I felt like such a dunce because the level of detail that was required of me was so far beyond anything that I had anticipated.

Actually, when I think about it, I was a dunce back then.  We allow our awareness of the other reality to be held on such a superficial level. There are many voices speaking to us if we would only allow ourselves to sit quietly and listen.

Trust What You “See”

I am frequently confounded by my inability to trust myself. Partly, I remind my students that women (and the unseen feminine power) battle an almost continuous stream of negative messages invalidating worth. The feminine is nearly always depicted as “less than” and in opposition to the rational and demonstrative (masculine) power.

Intuition, introspection, creativity, and inter-relational, non-linear dynamics must be reaffirmed almost daily among young women on the path to personal power.

For indigenous wisdom, the power of dreaming and visions contributed symbolic signs from nature that amplified awareness not only for individuals, but for the community. The first feminine truth, “Everything Is Born of Woman” sets the foundation for Balance as a whole. 

This week I ask all of my readers to practice the alignment principle after this fourth full moon and begin to trust what you “see” when you have entered into the silence to ask the natural world to provide the answers you seek. Trust your intuition, your introspection, your ability to intentionally project that which you desire to make you a better human being. This practice can only make you stronger.

Discerning Listening, Part 3

The last part of becoming a discerning listener is to listen to the voice within. As I’ve stated many times before, a disciplined practice of meditation (however you define it) allows you the space to go within, sit with stillness, and see what emerges from your inner wisdom. At first, the message may be faint but after impeccable practice, it will become vibrant and resounding.

Listen to All Your Relations

The second discipline to become an impeccable discerning listener is to regularly venture out into nature to listen to All Your Relations. Some people call this a walking meditation. However, in my opinion you choose not to focus on yourself but rather, allow all of life to speak directly to you. Open your heart to experience what they are saying.