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The Looking Within Cycle

Met with my beautiful class participants yesterday. It was time to highlight the purpose of the last rotation for this year on the Medicine Wheel–the time of looking within.

As we shared with one another we are all busy thinking about what our Medicine Shields will look like, what materials we have needed to gather, and how our ideas have influenced one another. The rest will be up to each individual. All are well equipped with the principle tools and symbolic language to practice with depth the art of looking within.

The one dilemma for each was a lingering worry about the execution of the artwork. I just keep reminding them of my own process: to overcome the fear by telling myself that I don’t care if I mess up. It’s just a blank canvas and I give myself permission to begin again. I remind myself that making marks is fun. The result will emerge one step at a time.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve been able to give this upcoming month a name (Seeking Balance) and acknowledge the ebb and flow of the movement of Grandmother Earth, I, too, am feeling the need to journey inward. This upcoming period of rest will be welcome.  Last year, at this time, I was recovering from a serious setback to my health. I quit writing my blogs altogether until the new year. I felt additional distress because I had been consistent over three years. I thought I wouldn’t be able to come back. I couldn’t even give a name to what I was going through. This year, I feel healthier than ever and looking forward to stretching the body a little bit more. Every tweak is important and propels me into a bright future.

I think, though, that I will allow myself to slow down a bit, and write every other week until January. There is a lot going on and I want to be present to be able to give and receive with delight and enthusiasm.

The Smoking Mirror

We are entering the second rotation of the Medicine Wheel where we call on our human connections to help us with our journey on our Paths with Heart. This is the wheel of non-cardinal directions. The energies holding this wheel together come from our abilities to use our powers of observation and experience. It is through our diligent practice to learn new insights and information, to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize, that we may see the truth. We don’t want to have blindness because we have adopted some learned dogma. The shaman is continuously tweaking patterns of behavior so that new insights may be obtained. A shaman is not ritualistic except that she will be diligently aware of slipping into routine. That is her only ritualistic endeavor—to disrupt ritual, to continuously test reliable and accorded modes of thought and expression. Eventually, illusions become apparent. This is called facing the Smoking Mirror. This is something that you must want to do and intend to do to break free so that you are able to see the Crack Between The Two Worlds.

Sacred Laws and Health

As we continue to “spiral” around the Medicine Wheel with the Feminine Truths, we have arrived at the Northeast position. It is the place of the “Dog Soldiers” on the Circle of Law. Dog has the special medicine power of “Loyalty”. And the Northeast is the intersection of “Wisdom and Logic” and “Illumination and Enlightenment”. It is the place of “laws” and “morals”.

Indigenous wisdom held that laws are truths because they do have a moral imperative. Since the Children’s Fire is in the center of the Medicine Wheel and governing Circle of Law, Indigenous leaders continuously reflected on any decision’s impact on and consequence to future generations. The goal was to maintain the healthy balance of the tribe.

The Dog Soldier is the foot soldier for the tribal community. She is the loyalist who helps to maintain the Health and Balance of her people based on the Sacred Feminine Truths.

Love Yourself

We can all count the myriad responsibilities that may place loving ourselves at the bottom of our list.

This week is a full moon week and I usually ask you to spend some quiet time in visualization about where you want to be. How about spending this week visualizing the love that is you?

 We are beings made from love. Love flows to us and is all around us. Stand in the center of your own medicine wheel of love. See how the love swirls around and radiates from you. Send love out and see how the spiral of love comes back.

Find those qualities within that you absolutely love. Tell yourself how much you love yourself and mean it!!!


What values give your life meaning? This is the exercise I have given to my 13 Feminine Truths group. We will place the significant 5 on the Medicine Wheel. Values color our stories: the stories we share with others and the stories we tell ourselves.