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Intend Your Path With Heart

Wings a FlyingThe new moon just passed and no matter how many years I do this, it always is astonishing how my life coincides with the moon’s feminine truth. Of course, it’s important to intend new beginnings as well as feeling good about how things end. There will always be contradictions and challenges in between. Over a year ago, my partner of 30 years, applied for a position to live in South America for a few months. His desire was ongoing over 10 years having applied before and failed. Our family motto is never, ever, ever give up!

Here we are with new intentions, in a new land, learning many new things, and developing new resiliencies. I am so grateful!

First Full Moon Thoughts

Since my last post there have been internalized repercussions to my acceptance of random collisions. This has been terrifying and caused deep insecurity. However, undaunted, I have refused to give in to fear. Fear is my ally, not my tormentor. I have All My Relations to thank for that truth. What is needed in times of existential crisis? I rely on pro-active tools for health, well-being and balance. First, I reached out to the wise women of my circle. These are women who know and understand me. I am able to fully define my thoughts with them and receive the blessing of their counsel. From this, I received a beautiful mantra: I am Safe, in the Embrace, of Divine Grace. Next, one must keep the body moving. I have engaged in aerobic dance, yoga, and gardening on a daily basis. As I become physically stronger, so does the intention of my resolve. Finally, to accompany a stronger body, one must eat and rest well. While I have felt overwhelmingly fatigued, one of my counsel assured me that this was a feminine and body wisdom to heed its message. As a result, I am returning to self, which is a humble clarity that all things in life come in waves and are meant to teach us to embrace these lessons. Indeed, one’s life may change in an instant.

Seventh Moon Cycle

RoseIt was no coincidence that when I met with my students this past week to talk about the seventh moon cycle, their reflections already incorporated the truth. The idea of living with “intention” is an apt description. Since there is no meaning to life because life is just what it is–a cyclical process of renewal and decay– our meaning is derived from what we as individuals decide it should be.

If we are true seekers of knowledge then our choice is to embrace this feminine truth: On Our Path With Heart (The Beauty Way), there is a Sacred Intention for Every Physical Action.

Everything we think, say and do counts.