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Trans-National, Multi-Racial Identity

It is surprising that here we are, having arrived at the time of the Rainbow People, our children representing the melange of our trans-national, multi-racial, cultural global heritage, and we have yet to fully embrace it. For me, these children are another expression of All Paths Are One. My child is a combination of my genetic make-up and the Slavic cultural composition of my partner.

I am one with my indigenous heritage. I paint stories about the symbols that expressed our worldview. My native land is the Western Hemisphere. Whether we originally lived in what is now known as Mexico, Brazil, the United States or Canada, we traveled and shared with one another. That was our way.

For purposes of national rosters or tribal rolls, I’m still uncomfortable how to identify. I was born in California to indigenous heritage parents. My indigenous grandparents were born in Zacatecas, Mexico but they didn’t know which tribal affiliation because, much like African-Americans who hit a “wall” when researching their backgrounds, our “wall” also includes devastating disease and 500 years of slavery. My ancestors traveled back and forth across what is now a border between two countries that previously didn’t exist.

Since I will be a pioneer in reclaiming our Rainbow ancestry, I’ll delight in adding this into the mix: Our souls, having been here before, often identify with cultures outside of the bodies that we chose in this life. That’s why some places and cultures just “speak” to us. It’s OK. I understand.

The Second Feminine Truth

Having completed our personal “Cry For A Vision” ceremony, we are prepared to embark on our adventure and walk our “Path With Heart”. We admire the waxing of our beloved Clan Mother, Grandmother Wisdom Keeper. We are ready to honor the indigenous wisdom of the second feminine truth: “The Sacred Fire of Love Exists Within All Living Things”. The radiance of that fire is our gift to each other and all of our relations.

The Give-Away

Deciding to embark on your “Path With Heart” is a decision to embrace your personal power. Sometimes we are resistant because we feel that there may be an insurmountable obstacle in our way. This perceived obstacle is usually based on a fear-driven assumption that we have about ourselves. Indigenous wisdom teaches us to make fear our friend and ally. Fear protects us from danger. However, it may also be crippling and prevent us from moving forward.

There is a beautiful personal ceremony called “Cry For A Vision”. It teaches us about the “Give-Away”. In this instance, we “Give-Away” all of the things that may stand in our way–our doubt, insecurities, fear. The foundation of the ceremony is to journey into a natural setting, dig a hole with your bare hands, and then cry into it. You cry away all of the things that you no longer desire in your world view. In this way you are inviting new perceptions and a new “vision” to enter your life. When you are finished, you bury all that is now gone from you and let Grandmother Earth take care of it.

“Everything Is Born of Woman” Alignment Principle

The first alignment principle is: We Have Kinship With All of the Natural World. This principle means that everything alive is part of our family.

The first thing that I learned from Seneca Grandmother, Twylah Nitsch, was to read the rocks. They are the most ancient of our Grandmother Earth’s historians. It appeals to me to know that rocks are scribes and our teachers. Indigenous wisdom holds that the invisible web of luminescent energy and radiance extends to all living beings on earth. That includes all plants and animals as well as our human relations. It includes the elements and the forces of nature. It includes everything inhabited in the skies above and the soil below.

To truly embark on one’s “Path With Heart” means to honor our inter-connectedness.

Everything Is Born of Woman

Everything Is Born of Woman, the First Feminine Truth, is the symbolic idea of nonordinary reality.

Indigenous wisdom held that feminine energy had distinct properties that were singular, utilizable, stable and had component elements. Adepts were able to “see” the energy flows from this invisible field. In our recent modern history, the “particle/wave” experiment in physics has demonstrated that our thoughts (or perception) have the ability to create and change real time outcomes.

To achieve balance in the world, indigenous wisdom gave honor to the nonordinary reality. From it, ordinary reality is born. And so it was passed down from mother to daughter, father to son, that feminine energy is the unseen and mysterious force in the universe that is the womb of creation.