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Looks Far Woman

Well, it’s been awhile. I guess that I couldn’t keep my promise to write every new and full moon. My last post was at the beginning (new) of the third Moon. It is now the end of the fourth moon cycle. It’s not that bad. I haven’t missed a moon yet. If you want to check out the details of each moon all you have to do is go to the archives. The early ones are very detailed about the moon’s truth and alignment wisdom. This year I’m writing a bit more about how I am personally and philosophically handling the moon’s intelligence as I go through the everyday aspects of life. I don’t want these blog posts to be long-winded. I like them short and sweet. So I apologize upfront for its length.

As you know from my last blog posts, life-changing events happened to me at the beginning of the year which has had a profound impact on the way I see and move right now. Life is swelling with possibility and yet, I proceed with caution. Shortly, I will be moving to a different country for a few months. My only thoughts have been to immerse myself in the language, customs, foods, way-of-life, state and government institutions, arts and neighborhood scenes, and its geo-political relationship in world affairs. The second driving force for me has been to improve my health so that I am fit and keen when I arrive. I want to be vibrant and engaging. Consequently, I have completely revamped the way I eat and devouring research via cookbooks and the current happenings on the health scene. All the time, I have been weighing the newly acquired knowledge against what I know about my body and self; how I respond, and what makes me feel good. After one month of intense recipe testing, food combining, and exercising, I have a new body. It feels really good. All of the little internal pains that used to nag me are gone. Also, my resiliency is improving. It’s quite remarkable and I am very happy about this change for the better. I still have a lot to learn. I am someone who loves variety which has its own learning curve.

I chose LOVE as my guiding word for the year and I feel that everything is pointing toward me. I am discovering that Love of self must come first. I have never truly loved myself. I mean really given myself the confidence to listen to what is happening inside of me: How are all of those forces speaking, what are they saying and am I really listening? This year I am being forced to do precisely that. It is both strange and exhilarating. (As a side note I hope you know that I am not talking about the petty, selfish love of self. I am talking about the kind of self-love that happens after you let go of any artifice, structure, power, or gain. I am not that important, just a voyager.)

Well, being at Oneness and trusting what you see (especially inside) is quite the accomplishment. I think that I’ll smile for a bit because it was worth all the effort. Thank you for your grace, Looks Far Woman. Thank you to All My Relations for hearing my prayer of wholeness.

‘Till next time, Dear Readers.


The Natural World is Health

This time of the year, when the harvest is in full swing, it’s nice to sit outside in the cool part of the day, plant one’s bare feet on the ground, look upward through trees into the blue, and breathe.

When the working world becomes a challenge, it seems even more important to find some natural space somewhere and recharge. Give yourself a treat. Look up a new recipe that incorporates nature’s bounty of the season and give it a try.

Yesterday, I undertook the process to make fresh stuffed grape leaves for the first time. Over the weekend, I had trimmed some vines and cut off the tender leaves. The vines became an interwoven circle to be used as a frame for the Medicine Shield I am constructing with my class participants.

Having stored the leaves in a plastic Ziploc bag, I started the day blanching them in hot salted water and then made a mix of ground lamb, quinoa, lemon and middle eastern spices. Stuffing and wrapping them was easy since it was much like making tamales (of which I have considerable practice). The small packets were braised in a wine infused chicken broth.

We’d never had fresh grape leaves before. It was simple and soothingly good. Thank you to All Our Relations! You give us love and energy!

Existential Balance and Healthy Change

Change in my world has been imminent. There have been signs everywhere. Waiting for it over the past month was absurdly agonizing. However, I know that I have enduring relationships. I don’t have to look far for meaning. All I have to do is conjure change. I know that All My Relations will help me.

So I began to dream change by using the symbolic representation of Real Estate. However, my dream of change has taken a different course. One of my “adopted” daughters moved in with me last Thursday which preceded our planning by a couple of months. I find this amusing.

Other omens of change are unfolding. It is exhilarating. I love to dust off the cobwebs and try something new.

Whatever happens will have its challenges, but it will be good too.

Healing Energy

This coming weekend will be the eighth full moon, She Who Heals. We have now completed the second full rotation around the Medicine Wheel. In the final rotation of this year we begin an inward journey. We have spent a good deal of time learning about the truth of our interconnectedness with all of life. Our next rotation will be devoted to how we capture the power of our center–our interior being.

I am going to ask you to spend time during the full moon cycle, August 9-11, to go deep into the silence, in whatever way is comfortable for you. I want you to see yourself as a being made from love, radiating love and health. Before you do that, however, reflect on what these symbolic words mean to you–love and health. What do they look like? feel like? Spend time basking in the energy of this power that emanates from within.

Clear Purpose

Finishing up this month’s moon cycle, I have held true to my purpose to vastly improve my health. As a result of my clarity and intentionality, the seeds I’ve planted sprouted into a vitality that I haven’t felt in a long time. One by-product is that I am at the lowest weight I have been in years. Even my “skinny” clothes feel loose and comfortable!

One of the best things that I have learned is how to liven up my vegetables with salsas and seasonings from around the world. The wisdom of indigenous people all over the world is inspiring. The flavor profiles are unique to the land and the creative innovation by the individuals who inhabit the land. Their powerful gratitude for what they have been given has changed me.

In this next moon cycle, I look forward to developing the changes I will make in my next year long course that I will be teaching where I live. I have already changed the title from “The 13 Feminine Truths” to “The White Bear Medicine Shield”. Hopefully, I will be making vlogs in 2014 to share the class with my followers!!!