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Made it to New Moon!

Ahhh! The second New Moon of the Year. Made it and am pretty much healed from the jolting entry. Much has happened but am feeling strong and positive.

Have been reading James Baldwin and accepting that state which is Life itself, not trying to rail against it. There really is no point. The Sacred Fire of Love exists within all Living Beings. Giving oneself patient and persistent love really helps to focus on that which we dream to make real.

I am still struggling with the desire to create anew. Right now, I live in the moment. Gentle exercise, preparing quality meals that nourish both body and soul, and encouraging loved ones is what sustains me. Touching the Earth by visiting my garden and thinking thoughts about the juxtaposition of inclusive language, as I try to reach beyond my experience to transcend limits of my experiential perception. These are the actions that fill my time right now.

I thank you for tuning in. I am grateful for all of the lessons.

A pattern has emerged that has me writing this blog on both the New Moon and the Full Moon. It feels right and so I will continue in this year, 2015. The year of Love.

Healing Energy

This coming weekend will be the eighth full moon, She Who Heals. We have now completed the second full rotation around the Medicine Wheel. In the final rotation of this year we begin an inward journey. We have spent a good deal of time learning about the truth of our interconnectedness with all of life. Our next rotation will be devoted to how we capture the power of our center–our interior being.

I am going to ask you to spend time during the full moon cycle, August 9-11, to go deep into the silence, in whatever way is comfortable for you. I want you to see yourself as a being made from love, radiating love and health. Before you do that, however, reflect on what these symbolic words mean to you–love and health. What do they look like? feel like? Spend time basking in the energy of this power that emanates from within.


Hello Dear Readers,

I have been intending my Path With Heart over the course of the new moon cycle which ended last week. The Full Moon cycle began last Friday. All I can report in is that I am continuing to heal myself with nourishing foods, exercise, and body work. I have recently discovered essential oils and am applying them liberally in concert with meridians that I have learned from acupuncture. All is going well.

Last week I went to the beach for another respite from the agricultural dust in my town. What surprised me was the uplifting buoyancy that I felt. I actually ran along the water’s edge in four sequences! This was remarkable considering my breath was so labored five short weeks ago that I thought I might die. I’m looking forward to following my intuition and applying all of the Indigenous Medicine knowledge that I have to become a timeless Woman of Power.

She Who Heals*

Dear Readers,

I first have to apologize for not keeping up with my blog these past few weeks. This year I promised to relay all of the “happenings” that I have observed in my life related to the feminine truths. As you recall from my last post, I experienced a sudden crumbling, if you will, of my right knee and my ability to support myself. During the eight moon cycle, the time in which I am to embrace change, I experienced a breakdown in my respiratory system. This was an old wound that reoccurred dramatically and frightened me because I could not fathom why it had reappeared. When one is unable to breathe, the body begins to shut down and the most that one can hope for is to remain calm and move through the intense discomfort in a systematic way.

The first thing I did was call upon the body workers that I know and trust. I knew that the origins of this dis-ease centered in my throat chakra from traumatic stress. Since that time, my olfactory system is extremely sensitive and I have become susceptible to asthma (which, thankfully, I do not have). I live in a green belt where during the month of August, there is a lot of agricultural dust in the air. One of the driving forces of my taking up the mantle of “shamanic” warrioress is the capability of healing myself. And, as I posted last time, when your intuitive self knows that you are not doing what you know to be right  you are out of balance with your ethical self. I have desired to be more in sync with my body and, confronted with shamanic death, I knew that I had to act with a consistent determination and courage.

There are many things that I have learned these past 3 weeks. I have cleansed my body from the inside and out. I have rationally identified the precise stressors (physically, emotionally and spiritually) that will throw me off kilter. I have embraced this change. I am a different person now. The healing is proceeding slowly and sometimes I think it is good and sometimes I think it is extremely frustrating. But I am, most definitely getting better–healthier and (w)holier. Today was the first day that I felt clear enough to write. So I hope you will forgive the lapse.

* “She Who Heals” is the name of the eighth moon from Jamie Sams book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers.

Heal Thyself

This last week proved challenging when I was suddenly confronted with my right knee giving out. It’s brutal when you can no longer walk. I had no one at home to help me as everyone was out of town but fortunately, I found a cane that I used a number of years ago when I fell and hurt this same knee. I thought a great deal about what the symbolism was behind all of this and it was true that I experienced a number of disappointments the last few months. Perhaps I felt that I could no longer stand it? I also knew that I had not been taking good care of myself when I should have been preemptive. For example, my gardening had resulted in sore muscles which I chose not to address.

So I went on a mental quest to heal my injuries as well as the physical one. I was completely immobile so what choice did I have? The main discipline I undertook was to reprogram my mind to accept that I am complete because I realized that the disappointments had led me to punish myself. My thoughts were about what I wasn’t and derailed what I was. When I focused this beam of acceptance on me, I could immediately feel the difference in my health. It’s amazing what we can do when we focus our power on the good and not the lack. With proper nourishment, rest, relaxation, and positive focus, I became mobile in a relatively short amount of time compared to the original pain that I felt. And I feel a more committed sense of accomplishment, engagement, and confidence.