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Full Moon Tomorrow!

Begin the next three day period with visualizations in alignment with the full moon. Since this month’s topic is centered on health, envision healing energy pouring into your crown chakra and grounding you to Grandmother Earth via your base chakra. Once I was very ill and I did this visualization with magenta colors while bathing myself in a magenta blanket. It was incredibly restorative! Remember that All Your Relations are sending you love on your journey to health and healing. You are a being made from love so let go of all self limiting behaviors and thoughts during this time of “full”-fillment.

The 7th Alignment Principle

Practicing Unconditional Love is a Balance between Strength and Gentle Compassion is this moon’s alignment principle. The best example of this is to think about our beautiful Grandmother Earth. She loves all of her creatures unconditionally. She is resiliant and she provides us with everything that we need to live. When we think about living without judgment, comparison, or expectation, we are able to move in our world with love for ourselves and All Our Relations.

Artwork: Heart of Grandmother

The third steppingstone of my Heritage Mandala is called the “Heart of Grandmother”. It is an aerial view of the Congo River which is the second largest river on Earth.

More than 100,000 years ago, our ancestors lingered here before venturing northward and splintering into diverse groups across the planet. I think about my own female ancestor who lived here and found the resilience to survive.

When I first saw the NASA aerial photo of the basin I was amazed by how the river, its tributaries and basin reminded me, not only of the “life blood” of our Grandmother Earth, but of her “heart” as well. The very soul of our common humanity was nurtured at this spot and given the nutrients necessary, not only to live, but to search beyond the horizon.

I chose to use the vibrant colors of the Huichol Indians of my grandparents’ native Zacatecas, Mexico, to depict this beautiful and compelling river valley. Through their sacred ceremonies, the Huicholes “see” the aura of all living beings around them.

I also saw this river as a mandala in which we are drawn into the Womb of Creation at its center. Here, we may contemplate how to find our Paths With Heart in this, our present incarnation on our precious Earth.

Remember the third feminine truth: All Paths Are One.

The Sacred Fire of Love

The Sacred Fire of Love is the inner Radiance that all living beings possess. It glows bright and beautiful inside the smallest stone and the largest tree, inside the smallest insect and the largest mammal. It is the heart of Grandmother Earth. It is a truth that requires no belief system. We humans already have a deep body “knowing” of our own sacred fire of love and so we can name this the second feminine truth.