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Weaving Your Web

I had my class yesterday and I was so inspired by our discussion about using our intellect to uncover our creativity. What does that mean exactly? This month’s alignment practice is to work with this truth.

The truth of developing our personal creativity comes when we begin to understand our emotions, accepting that movement is inevitable. Once balance is achieved via flowing with emotions, we may become witness to our intellectual pursuit for higher knowledge. This understanding helps inform our creative spirits.

We feel, we learn, we create, we grow.

This is what Spider Woman of the Indigenous American diaspora taught us. This forms the basis for human interaction and communication.

Dreaming A Better World

One of the joys of going into this transition to fall and “looking within” is to contemplate how thoughts are tied to actions. If we continue to practice our Medicine training, these thoughts may become acute manifestations in our waking life.

When we are intentional about how we enter the Silence to create a living, breathing image that we may hold for the self, we are “dreaming”. We have the ability to transform our vision of the self and create something new.

As we sculpt the form of this new self, ideas abound. New pathways for understanding how to implement new actions come because, no matter what our circumstance, we are perpetually creative beings. There is force and power in that.

I had a friend who posted this sentence on her refrigerator: “Don’t you ever, ever–never, never– give up!”

I like this quote from Wayne Gretsky: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Keep dreaming!

Choosing My Desire

This year’s symbol, the Hierophant (5), is asking me to focus my spiritual “Path with Heart” with practicality. For me, it’s all about being at the North of the Medicine Wheel. Ironically, that was my axis position for both of the Medicine Teachers (Harley Swiftdeer and Twylah Nitsch) who positioned me as one of their Four Winds. Through my heart center and intuition, I will look at the relationships I have built and see the choices I must make. Every choice must have a strong grounding so that I may continue to be healthy and whole. Looking at the world with wonder and curiosity must be central to my purpose, vision and creativity. Actively working on my creative purpose will allow me to manifest my vision into form.

Based on all of the above information, I feel that my chosen desire from the Bhagavad Gita is to gain power. (The four desires are: the desire to reduce pain; the desire to feel better, the desire to gain internal and external power over our lives; and the desire to achieve spiritual discrimination) I feel that I have parceled my power away and so I feel scattered. Why is it that I have so intently taken up cooking? I feel power in making choices about what goes into my body and how it affects my well-being and state of mind in the moment. I feel power in pulling my weeds which in reality is transforming my garden to a tranquil retreat of harmonious and aesthetic pleasure.

Happily, I feel like creating art once again. I began working on a piece for a former student and now an adopted daughter. So as I write this I want to thank you for being here and doing this with me. I am humbled by how close I become with so many of my students. It matters to me what happens to you in your life and that you are well. Hopefully, some of the tools that have been handed down through wondrous Indigenous wisdom help you become strong and balanced individuals. I have faith in you.

First Assignment

My completed design from the Ukraine, 3500 B.C.E.

My completed design from the Ukraine, 3500 B.C.E.

With the start of class came much intensive learning (I had at least 12 objectives for the first class, a 2 hour session!) and several assignments to be completed over the course of a month. The most important of which was to begin to become familiar with the creative aspect of self. We will, after all, be making a White Bear Medicine Shield. The shield will tell a story. The story will be about the power of the individual who crafts it.

I know how I first felt submitting to the incredible void of creativity, this power of the feminine. It was daunting even as I wished to commit myself to its mystery. So I decided that we needed to have an entry point that was doable and non-threatening. I chose to have each participant color a pre-formed mandala from Susanne F. Fincher’s book, Coloring Mandalas, Circles of the Sacred Feminine. The book has 50 designs to choose from.

Each participant had about 10 minutes each to select one or two pages that spoke to them. They needed to be able to work on it in the first week (and, hopefully complete it). One of my participants shared with me that even though she had selected an “easy” design, the execution of it was challenging because she wanted the colors to imbue meaning (from within her) to the coloring page. From the teacher’s perspective, this is precisely what I hoped would be sparked from the assignment.




Trust What You “See”

I am frequently confounded by my inability to trust myself. Partly, I remind my students that women (and the unseen feminine power) battle an almost continuous stream of negative messages invalidating worth. The feminine is nearly always depicted as “less than” and in opposition to the rational and demonstrative (masculine) power.

Intuition, introspection, creativity, and inter-relational, non-linear dynamics must be reaffirmed almost daily among young women on the path to personal power.

For indigenous wisdom, the power of dreaming and visions contributed symbolic signs from nature that amplified awareness not only for individuals, but for the community. The first feminine truth, “Everything Is Born of Woman” sets the foundation for Balance as a whole. 

This week I ask all of my readers to practice the alignment principle after this fourth full moon and begin to trust what you “see” when you have entered into the silence to ask the natural world to provide the answers you seek. Trust your intuition, your introspection, your ability to intentionally project that which you desire to make you a better human being. This practice can only make you stronger.