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Artwork: Honoring All Our Relations

For the end of the fourth moon cycle I present “Honoring All Our Relations”, the fourth piece from the Steppingstone Series of my Heritage Mandala.

About 90,000 years ago, we humans “saw” our interconnectedness with all of life. We began to create ritual and representations of animals who gave of themselves so that we could have life. This “Give-Away” is a sacred blessing.

The headdress and totem is part of a sacred dance for Antelope,one of the principle sources of food in Central Africa those many years ago. Soon our ancestors would follow the heard to find new environs requiring adaptation.

Happy First Full Moon!

Becomes Her Vision: Storyteller

Welcome to Woman Walk Softly! My name is Victoria L. Martinez. The image to your left is a painting that I created at the end of a year long workshop I conducted on the 13 Feminine Truths of Indigenous America. She is my version of a storyteller who became her vision. She is called “Woman Walk Softly” and will serve as the logo for this site.

In the next few weeks I would like to share some of the wisdom that I have learned from many of my indigenous teachers and ancestors over the course of thirty years. Beginning with a celebration of today, the first full moon of the new year. From Jamie Sams, author of The 13 Original Clan Mothers, she is called “Talks With Relations”. She is embodied as an immortal Grandmother who teaches us about our connection to all life on our beautiful Grandmother Earth.

I am grateful to be able to share this first bit of wisdom with you today and hope that you will continue with me over the next few weeks as I further develop this site. Thank you for tuning in!