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Lots of “News”

Lots of “New” things happening today. It’s the beginning of the New Moon. It’s the beginning of Spring. There are many ways to look forward to these beginnings. In keeping with the third feminine truth of this cycle, ALL PATHS ARE ONE, I have immersed myself in the writings of the great literary and intellectual American, James Baldwin. Though his era is bygone now nearly 50 years, his writings have historical relevance in our 2015 present. The added benefit is that he is a beautifully eloquent writer of prose. It’s a nice artist date to partake of his words.

Before I use a quotation from the book, Baldwin: Collected Essays, edited by Toni Morrison, I would like to preface that many of my students have repeated told me that I help them walk their personal path with heart without interference. That is, I help them see that a life of meaning is imbued with personal symbolism. Each of us have our own way of looking at and responding to the world. Indigenous wisdom honored the personal visions, dreams and inspirations of the individual. In giving each individual this respect, the community was thus enriched because potential was valued. This is another manifestation of this cycle’s truth.

I give you a quotation from James Baldwin’s essay, “Nobody Knows My Name”.

“Human freedom is a complex, difficult–and private–thing. If we can liken life, for a moment, to a furnace, then freedom is the fire which burns away illusion.”


No Judgments, Expectations, Comparisons

Last week I wrote about the importance of respecting any individual’s Sacred Space and/or Point of View. But what if there is disappointment as a result of longing? We must strive to be impeccable in honoring the feminine truth, “All Paths Are One”. This truth means that there isn’t any rational place for judgments, expectations or comparisons. We are not walking in anyone’s footsteps other than our own. When we can fully accept that, our goal of clarity becomes possible. And with that experiential clarity, comes freedom.

All Paths Are One

Happy New Moon Dear Readers! The Feminine Truth for this moon is “All Paths Are One”. I find it appropriate because I have been struggling with merging so many different aspects of myself over the past week that this truth gives me solace.

First I want to apologize for not getting my blog out yesterday. I am in the midst of organizing an event that will happen this evening, while taking care of a special visitor at home–my daughter. It’s all good.

My reflection centers on our personal interactions with others. How is it that our paths intersect, sometimes merge and sometimes, no matter how much we want them to stay together, diverge? In a loving way, we must honor that everyone has a sacred space. The true purpose of sacred space is to allow individuals to blossom in their own time and in their own way.

This week my focus will be on loving all of the various parts of myself–the mother, the artist, the writer, the thinker, the helpmate, the lover. Everything that I do weaves together in the end to create a beautiful tapestry that is my life.