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New Moon, Storyteller

In anticipation of this grand new journey I will shortly be taking into South America, I have begun to familiarize myself with the current geo-political stratagem. This, in turn, has produced so many conflicting thoughts about freedom, sovereignty, our commons, and, of course, our beautiful Grandmother Earth and her children.

As we enter this sixth new moon of 2015, the lessons of Storyteller, are somewhat philosophical because here we ask one another to sit in debate (already having learned how to listen with our entire being) and reflect upon another’s point of view without judgment. This is so difficult. But the reason why this is crucial is because it is central to democracy. And our Circle of Law is very democratic.

There are many ways of framing a response to another’s point of view and, indeed, a story. What we need to remember is to “feel” our deep interconnection with All Our Relations and make sure that the story takes into account all sides of the Medicine Wheel of Knowledge. If it doesn’t, or there is only one point of view that is dominating the narrative, we have permission to ask deep and penetrating questions.

Happy New Moon 2015!

Hello Dear Readership!

The official New Year begins for me on the New Moon which was technically yesterday. I have to tell you that the last week before the New Moon was so wrought with challenges and excitements that I am utterly exhausted! The mantra, “Never, ever, give up!” helps me examine the meaning that I have created in this life and it is always good.

I have chosen “Love” as my touchstone word for this year of moons. I rejoice in the presence of this symbol for my intention in the coming months. I think that I will need it. While I have gone into nature and acknowledged the love that I feel for “All My Relations”, I continue to astound at the vitriol and violence that is present in our waking dream. It has caused me to reassess the shamanic philosophy that I once held dear that I may anticipate outcomes if I exercise acute awareness. Of course, I don’t want to adopt any hubris that I am unable to make mistakes. In fact, I know through experience that there will be moments of humiliation on my path.  These episodes help me keep my sense of humor and stay humble.

New philosophical thoughts emerge that ask me to confront the “chaos theory” of misdirected (and sometimes violent) intentions due to: (1) the lack of social justice directives for our needy human relations on Earth; and (2)  the prevalence and persistent pervasiveness of fear-generating propaganda. I am now open to the idea that random collisions are within probability. While this is frightening, I promise to send out love as a barrier of protection. I promise to exercise courtesy, thoughtfulness, and graciousness. I promise to enhance my state of awareness so that I may erect proper boundaries. I promise to move forward each and every day to help teach the symbolic language of my ancestors, to elevate the “feminine” principle, “Everything is Born of Woman”, and to help my human relations learn the power of Balance on their Paths With Heart.

At present, I will be writing to you on a weekly basis as I did last year. As always, I have plans for new ideas but they are in flux and unfolding. Thank you for all of your support!

The Natural World is Health

This time of the year, when the harvest is in full swing, it’s nice to sit outside in the cool part of the day, plant one’s bare feet on the ground, look upward through trees into the blue, and breathe.

When the working world becomes a challenge, it seems even more important to find some natural space somewhere and recharge. Give yourself a treat. Look up a new recipe that incorporates nature’s bounty of the season and give it a try.

Yesterday, I undertook the process to make fresh stuffed grape leaves for the first time. Over the weekend, I had trimmed some vines and cut off the tender leaves. The vines became an interwoven circle to be used as a frame for the Medicine Shield I am constructing with my class participants.

Having stored the leaves in a plastic Ziploc bag, I started the day blanching them in hot salted water and then made a mix of ground lamb, quinoa, lemon and middle eastern spices. Stuffing and wrapping them was easy since it was much like making tamales (of which I have considerable practice). The small packets were braised in a wine infused chicken broth.

We’d never had fresh grape leaves before. It was simple and soothingly good. Thank you to All Our Relations! You give us love and energy!

The 7th Alignment Principle

Practicing Unconditional Love is a Balance between Strength and Gentle Compassion is this moon’s alignment principle. The best example of this is to think about our beautiful Grandmother Earth. She loves all of her creatures unconditionally. She is resiliant and she provides us with everything that we need to live. When we think about living without judgment, comparison, or expectation, we are able to move in our world with love for ourselves and All Our Relations.

Listen to All Your Relations

The second discipline to become an impeccable discerning listener is to regularly venture out into nature to listen to All Your Relations. Some people call this a walking meditation. However, in my opinion you choose not to focus on yourself but rather, allow all of life to speak directly to you. Open your heart to experience what they are saying.