Love and Change

I am a plant woman. I love my garden. This past month was spent immersed in the sacred act of weeding which I have renamed “sculpting”. It is the time when I let certain plants know that they have encroached too much in certain areas and give space to others that I want to flourish even more.

Spending this time has been healing. As you all know, this year has been a time of intense transformation in all aspects of my life. I have felt a restlessness because of the tremendous uncertainty that accompanies change. What to do? I think the best remedy is to focus on love.

I love all of my plants, even the ones that like to take over. Then I love converting some of those plants into meals from all different corners of the world. But this past month, since blueberries were prolific, I chose to make my first blueberry pie for my family. Since it turned out to be so easy, I ended up making three pies, each better than the previous! Practice really is worthwhile.

Another aspect of health was to honor what has past. Taking a trip of nostalgia to a place I used to call home, gave me a new appreciation for the subtle changes that a place can make as well.

Loving something unconditionally does contribute to one’s strength and compassion.  So I continue to work on my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and communal well being. More things emerge. They may be raw at first, but then the harsh discord subsides, and I know that I will be much more resilient in the future.

Ho! It is good!