Looks Far Woman

Wow! Believe me when I say that choosing the word “Transformation” as my touchstone word for the year has been REAL. Nearly everything that I have, has changed. It has been, at times, excruciatingly painful. However, through diligent and sustained effort, unexpected resiliency emerges from all aspects of my being. That is pretty cool. As a consequence, I really have no other desire than to continue to work on my health as well as support the health of my beloveds.

In this past moon, the most significant and transformative event was that my mother died. Difficult to explain, but I felt sensitive on so many levels. You come to believe that you will feel loss, and, of course, this is true. However, the feeling of dramatic separation, at least for me, was far more intense. I became separated from, not only the DNA connection, but from memories, and histories, realizing that the stories that we have upheld may be let go.

Directly after, I experienced the sensation of a kind of formless floating, whereupon, my imagination began to conceive a notion of how,  since all previous connection was severed, to reapply form .

Carlos Castaneda was correct when he wrote about the relationship of personal power to the DNA connections with our relations. A mother’s “give-away” that is the part of herself which brings life into the world, is tremendous.

And so I honor my mother for the gift of life that she gave to me. And I have promised myself not to take it for granted.