The Cycle of Change

This month has seen busy preparations for the impending lifestyle change as I will be living in South America for a while. This change fits nicely with this month’s truth about the cycle of life, a change from birth through death and then renewal. I am so ready for a new adventure! I am blessed in that I like to flow with change. I welcome new possibilities. The downside of it is that I battle patience. Once I am ready for the new, I have to live with the dead zone that precedes it. This is the part that I often call “nebula-ville”. It’s so foggy and I’m not myself. However, the positive message “All good things in their own perfect time” is good to repeat because it’s true. So I am pleased because the time has finally arrived and I go willingly and embrace change. I am not being naïve to think that it won’t have its challenges. Rather, I am mentally prepared to see with new eyes and feel with new senses. I promise to let you know how it goes. Ho!