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“For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly.”

Don Juan Matus

This is exactly how I feel on this new moon of 2015. All too soon, I will be returning to my home in the United States. I am mesmerized by the encounters that I have had. How was it that All My Relations so loved me to grace me with these beautiful memories? I know I have worked long and hard to get my Medicine Wheel spinning in a good direction. Here, in Uruguay, I have been blessed with the bounty.

I am full.

Intend Your Path With Heart

Wings a FlyingThe new moon just passed and no matter how many years I do this, it always is astonishing how my life coincides with the moon’s feminine truth. Of course, it’s important to intend new beginnings as well as feeling good about how things end. There will always be contradictions and challenges in between. Over a year ago, my partner of 30 years, applied for a position to live in South America for a few months. His desire was ongoing over 10 years having applied before and failed. Our family motto is never, ever, ever give up!

Here we are with new intentions, in a new land, learning many new things, and developing new resiliencies. I am so grateful!

Lots of “News”

Lots of “New” things happening today. It’s the beginning of the New Moon. It’s the beginning of Spring. There are many ways to look forward to these beginnings. In keeping with the third feminine truth of this cycle, ALL PATHS ARE ONE, I have immersed myself in the writings of the great literary and intellectual American, James Baldwin. Though his era is bygone now nearly 50 years, his writings have historical relevance in our 2015 present. The added benefit is that he is a beautifully eloquent writer of prose. It’s a nice artist date to partake of his words.

Before I use a quotation from the book, Baldwin: Collected Essays, edited by Toni Morrison, I would like to preface that many of my students have repeated told me that I help them walk their personal path with heart without interference. That is, I help them see that a life of meaning is imbued with personal symbolism. Each of us have our own way of looking at and responding to the world. Indigenous wisdom honored the personal visions, dreams and inspirations of the individual. In giving each individual this respect, the community was thus enriched because potential was valued. This is another manifestation of this cycle’s truth.

I give you a quotation from James Baldwin’s essay, “Nobody Knows My Name”.

“Human freedom is a complex, difficult–and private–thing. If we can liken life, for a moment, to a furnace, then freedom is the fire which burns away illusion.”


Happy New Moon 2015!

Hello Dear Readership!

The official New Year begins for me on the New Moon which was technically yesterday. I have to tell you that the last week before the New Moon was so wrought with challenges and excitements that I am utterly exhausted! The mantra, “Never, ever, give up!” helps me examine the meaning that I have created in this life and it is always good.

I have chosen “Love” as my touchstone word for this year of moons. I rejoice in the presence of this symbol for my intention in the coming months. I think that I will need it. While I have gone into nature and acknowledged the love that I feel for “All My Relations”, I continue to astound at the vitriol and violence that is present in our waking dream. It has caused me to reassess the shamanic philosophy that I once held dear that I may anticipate outcomes if I exercise acute awareness. Of course, I don’t want to adopt any hubris that I am unable to make mistakes. In fact, I know through experience that there will be moments of humiliation on my path.  These episodes help me keep my sense of humor and stay humble.

New philosophical thoughts emerge that ask me to confront the “chaos theory” of misdirected (and sometimes violent) intentions due to: (1) the lack of social justice directives for our needy human relations on Earth; and (2)  the prevalence and persistent pervasiveness of fear-generating propaganda. I am now open to the idea that random collisions are within probability. While this is frightening, I promise to send out love as a barrier of protection. I promise to exercise courtesy, thoughtfulness, and graciousness. I promise to enhance my state of awareness so that I may erect proper boundaries. I promise to move forward each and every day to help teach the symbolic language of my ancestors, to elevate the “feminine” principle, “Everything is Born of Woman”, and to help my human relations learn the power of Balance on their Paths With Heart.

At present, I will be writing to you on a weekly basis as I did last year. As always, I have plans for new ideas but they are in flux and unfolding. Thank you for all of your support!

Giving Thanks for the Truth

Gives Praise, this month’s Grandmother moon, is generative. Her color is the regal purple. She inspires because she is able to see the beauty in everything and everyone. She is attentive to the present because she is grateful for all the lessons, good and painful, of the past. She teaches that simple shifts in perception may lead to miraculous outcomes.

She is my role model.