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Transformative Times Begun!


It’s amazing how one word full of one’s heartfelt intention can bring about rapid change. I feel as though I’m leaping hurdles in fog. I just keep moving forward hoping that I may rest soon. My own sacred fire keeps me warm in the cold. Focusing on the moment at hand is all that matters.

I continue to address the needs of my body: lots of yoga and walking. This alleviates any anxiety that may creep into the musculature. Other than that, most of what unfolds before me is radiance. Humble gratitude is my blanket.


Be In The Present Moment

Been reading a lot of one of the masters of American literature,  James Baldwin and have been thinking thoughts about this full moon. The Sacred Fire of Love exists within all Living Beings and the best way to understand that truth is to fully live in the moment. Giving yourself space to explore the infinite space of a moment is a rigorous discipline.

However, it’s hard to do that with the onslaught of headlines these days especially if you care about social justice and equality. With all of our advances, history seems to repeat itself over and over again. How does one cope?

Baldwin acknowledges that love is the answer. Bitterness is an entrapment into the predicament of injustice. Accept the reality of the situation and create movement outside of its path. This will lead you to hope. Hope will lead you to freedom.

As individuals, we have an infinite capacity for love. Begin with love of self. See where it leads.

Happy Full Moon. Dream.

Second Moon

Connecting with All Our Relations is to recognize their Sacred Fire of Love. It is the flame of Spirit within each living being. One of the tasks I ask my students to do is gather a Totem that is a symbolic representation of one of their Relations. This may seem easy to do but it is no small feat to have a Totem speak to you in a way that you are certain that it is meant to come home with you. You must exhibit discerning listening which is a disciplined practice.

One of the ways to foster this practice is to sit in meditation outside for a set length of time. I ask my students to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. During this time it is important to have a very high level of awareness and attention to everything that is going on around you. When I was first asked to engage in this discipline, one of my own teachers asked me afterward to describe the wind–from whence it came, how it shifted and when, what did it feel like, etc. I felt like such a dunce because the level of detail that was required of me was so far beyond anything that I had anticipated.

Actually, when I think about it, I was a dunce back then.  We allow our awareness of the other reality to be held on such a superficial level. There are many voices speaking to us if we would only allow ourselves to sit quietly and listen.

Tranquility, Part 2

Tranquility Collage  by VL Martinez

“Tranquility” Collage by VL Martinez

This month I’ve asked my class participants to create a visual image of their Touchstone word. Mine is “Tranquility”.

Right after our class meeting I woke up with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted in the final image. I knew that I wanted to make a collage. I am not particularly fluent with collage and because I already had my vision I knew that hunting through magazines would be a waste of time. I decided to go directly to the internet for the images from my mind’s eye.

During class I shared a visualization strategy I use of floating on a river, I started searching for images that reminded me of this idea. I gathered a few, put them in a folder, and then working with Power Point, I began to arrange the images until a pleasing juxtaposition appeared.

I really love the final product. It is simple yet has a nice flow. I printed it out and framed it. Then I placed it in a prominent place across from my studio table. Now whenever I might feel frustrated with the creative process, I can now look up and breathe.


This past week I have seriously considered how and when significant people on my Path With Heart have revealed themselves to me. I was trained not to let anyone get to know the “Real” me unless certain conditions were met. This is partly an historical response to being conquered and colonized. I was taught that only when an individual, first and foremost, asks me to open my wisdom to him or her OR only when an individual has intimately revealed that a connection in spirit exists between us, I may move forward with that individual. This has proven to be pragmatic more than anything else. Our time here on Grandmother is short and why complicate it with unnecessary entanglements?

However, the danger has been to dismiss individuals because, once again, my nemesis is Patience. When I align myself with the second Alignment Principle, to fully live in the moment, Time and Space compress and expand at the same time. I Stop Time and am able to “Remember” the individual who has sought me out. I remember that we were kindred spirits in Love and the Desire to Learn both from One Another and from the existential lessons of Being Alive. While these beings I encounter are rare indeed, the love that I feel for them knows no limits and I am grateful.