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Looks Far Woman

Well, it’s been awhile. I guess that I couldn’t keep my promise to write every new and full moon. My last post was at the beginning (new) of the third Moon. It is now the end of the fourth moon cycle. It’s not that bad. I haven’t missed a moon yet. If you want to check out the details of each moon all you have to do is go to the archives. The early ones are very detailed about the moon’s truth and alignment wisdom. This year I’m writing a bit more about how I am personally and philosophically handling the moon’s intelligence as I go through the everyday aspects of life. I don’t want these blog posts to be long-winded. I like them short and sweet. So I apologize upfront for its length.

As you know from my last blog posts, life-changing events happened to me at the beginning of the year which has had a profound impact on the way I see and move right now. Life is swelling with possibility and yet, I proceed with caution. Shortly, I will be moving to a different country for a few months. My only thoughts have been to immerse myself in the language, customs, foods, way-of-life, state and government institutions, arts and neighborhood scenes, and its geo-political relationship in world affairs. The second driving force for me has been to improve my health so that I am fit and keen when I arrive. I want to be vibrant and engaging. Consequently, I have completely revamped the way I eat and devouring research via cookbooks and the current happenings on the health scene. All the time, I have been weighing the newly acquired knowledge against what I know about my body and self; how I respond, and what makes me feel good. After one month of intense recipe testing, food combining, and exercising, I have a new body. It feels really good. All of the little internal pains that used to nag me are gone. Also, my resiliency is improving. It’s quite remarkable and I am very happy about this change for the better. I still have a lot to learn. I am someone who loves variety which has its own learning curve.

I chose LOVE as my guiding word for the year and I feel that everything is pointing toward me. I am discovering that Love of self must come first. I have never truly loved myself. I mean really given myself the confidence to listen to what is happening inside of me: How are all of those forces speaking, what are they saying and am I really listening? This year I am being forced to do precisely that. It is both strange and exhilarating. (As a side note I hope you know that I am not talking about the petty, selfish love of self. I am talking about the kind of self-love that happens after you let go of any artifice, structure, power, or gain. I am not that important, just a voyager.)

Well, being at Oneness and trusting what you see (especially inside) is quite the accomplishment. I think that I’ll smile for a bit because it was worth all the effort. Thank you for your grace, Looks Far Woman. Thank you to All My Relations for hearing my prayer of wholeness.

‘Till next time, Dear Readers.



Spring Plum Blossoms

Spring Plum Blossoms

Last week I asked my students to revisit a meditation to practice forgiveness with a worthy opponent. Simply speaking, a worthy opponent is someone who is a mirror for one’s shadow. Since I do the exercises along with my students I chose to have a conversation with my mother. My mother has definitively been in worthwhile opposition to my being. I may thank her for embodying traits and beliefs that I did not want to resurrect in my lifetime.

There are many instances where she tried to steal my power. Without recrimination, in this meditation, I chose to  face her and let her know that I forgave her. She is sad now, alone, and is losing her mind. Her intense self-importance tethers her to the present. I feel her mortality and mine.

Concurrently, I received my Sun Magazine subscription with an interview with Katy Butler. She wrote, Knocking On Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death. The interview and excerpt from her book reinforced my attitude about my own death. I want to be able to discuss it freely with my loved ones. I take every opportunity to do so because I want my family to be clear about my choices to have a dignified death. I don’t want any last minute medical interventions which may force undue burdens because of grief. Butler shares her experiences with her parents’ deaths. I have mine with my father-in-law. I especially liked her description of the 5 things that you should strive to say during the transition to death: Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I forgive you, and goodbye.

My husband has asked me if I am frightened that I may end up like my mother and I have to chuckle. I have no fear. I have constructed a life in defiance to hers. I do want my death to be the way I want it to be. As a gift to me my husband spent a huge amount of time researching the laws about “Advance Directives”. I have my advance directive sitting on the kitchen table now. It makes me happy. All Paths Are One.

Full Moon Meditation

Indigenous wisdom provides teachings of a woman’s power time. The lessons show that one of her post powerful times of creativity coincides with her menses. Even if women are past the age of bleeding, Grandmother Moon offers an opportunity to see the creative force of power by reflecting it back when she is full. The full moon cycle includes the days preceding and following the full moon.

I usually ask my students to set this time aside to meditate on something that they wish to pull into their lives. Offering a fully realized visual image which includes how you will gift others when what you have achieved becomes material is a beautiful way to acknowledge your interconnection with All Our Relations, as well as honor the third feminine truth, All Paths Are One.

Give Away

To find a clear path on your Path with Heart, it is imperative to clear away the debris.

One of the first personal ceremonies I ask of my students is to do just that. I ask them to give away something that they feel may be holding them back on their quest for true personal power. The ceremony is tied to deep inner work and by month three in our journey, deep shifts are already taking place. Enthusiasm is dampened a bit because the work causes resistance.

Not to be daunted, I keep checking in with my students to let them know that I am doing the same work and I meet the same resistance. All we really need to do is move forward, bit by bit, identifying those barriers to our self realization.

This time for my ceremony, I chose to focus on my self-importance. There are so many lessons to be learned from reevaluating one’s ego and committing to the humble stance.

Full Moon Tomorrow!

It is very exciting to give oneself over to the dream. The full moon is the perfect opportunity to open oneself and bring what you desire to create into your physical reality. Take the time to speak to this immortal grandmother and thank her for showing you how to learn the truth.