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Light and Shadow

Uruguay is teaching me to have profound comfort in my own skin. That is not to say that I still don’t have lots to learn on my Path with Heart. It’s just that this is the first time, in a really long time, where I don’t feel incomplete because I’m only focusing on the shadow side of my nature. I feel acceptance. Because of this, I give myself over to the totality of me. I know that I have lots to work on but I can accept, and even give love to, my imperfection. I will strive always to keep the good in front of me, to be impeccable in my vision of what I would like to be in the world, and to try to make a difference.



Walking Tall and Feeling Good this Thanksgiving!

I feel I was “walking tall” this month. I feel that my vulnerability was cradled by curiosity. I’m happy I dove into poetry, music, and composition.

I continue to embrace a small-footprint life with my loved ones. It feels amazing to be with All My Relations right now, enjoying raking leaves or cooking recipes from all over the world.

The White Bear Medicine Shield class is concluding. Walking the Earth with these lovely and amazing women has enriched my Path With Heart. With them, I look forward to this month’s Grandmother Moon, Gives Praise, and all that she may teach me.

My hope and wish is that everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving, filled with love, inspiration, and really good food. Life as it unfolds is remarkable, mysterious, and gratifying.


Love Your Shadow

Without your shadow, there is no light.

The eleventh alignment principle asks you to love both aspects of shadow and light about yourself. Shadow and light are integral to you and integrate you. When we listen to our mindless internal chatter about how to eradicate the shadow aspect of ourselves, we prevent the path toward integration to happen. We are, in fact, closing off a future path of possibility or imagination. This effectively hampers our own healing and coming into balance.

Love your shadow. In fact, give it all the love that you can. See it being bathed in love as if you were standing under a waterfall. Tell it you will love it so much that the light you send to it will make it disappear.