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The Intangible Real

“Dream your passion. Fly away. Go through the hoop of your innermost fears and desires. Meet them and conquer them. Come through your own reflection. Act in your dreams as you want to act and find the guarded kivas where you have hidden your heart.” Agnes Whistling Elk from Lynn V. Andrews Medicine Woman

Welcome to the eleventh new moon of the year. Wow! Life is topsy-turvy. I am accustomed to living in the Northern Hemisphere where I would be wearing sweaters right now. However, I am currently in the Southern Hemisphere and we are approaching summer. It feels unreal.

This has been a year of intangible reality. In the lexicon of film, I have embraced the concept of suspending my disbelief. And why not? What is in my head is very much real because it has come to pass again and again. You would think by now that I would have more confidence about what I imagine I want to happen. However, it’s hard because it’s just thoughts, right?

Well, this is the month in the year where we say, OK, let’s be a bit vulnerable and embrace the unseen and mysterious. If we have clear intentions, we know ourselves, and can lay clear boundaries, why can’t we direct our energy and thoughts to make something that we want to happen unfold?

After all, the promise of living here in the Southern Hemisphere was only that at first–a promise. Now, here I am. I’ve made friends, am working on my projects, and enjoying the new Spring for the second time this year.



Walks Tall Woman

Met with my group this week as we begin to wrap up our yearlong class. Each woman brought work in progress on their individual White Bear Medicine Shields. Lovely work from one and all! Don’t know if I will be posting them as they are deeply personal. I love that each woman is embracing her inner wisdom to walk tall through the act of honoring the self.

The 3 day cycle of the full moon for Walks Tall Woman, the eleventh moon for this year, begins tonight. I would like to give each and every one of you a gentle reminder to go into the Silence, ask All Your Relations to hold your Dream for you, and see what they share with you on your Path With Heart. 🙂

Walking Tall

Being impeccable gives us a reason to walk tall. What I have been sharing this entire year is to embrace the intangible feminine. When we are fully able to realize the truth of the intangible feminine, we soar because we have married both sides of our being.


One of the things that astonishes me about my group is that they actually celebrate and appreciate me more because I make mistakes. When I let them know that I am behind in my work, or I made a bad decision, I usually hear a praise or thank you. They tell me that they learn so much more when they know that they don’t have to be perfect. To me the art of becoming a true person of power is to practice discernment through your mistakes. What more may we ask of anyone than to keep on trying and to never give up?