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Our Dreaming Bodies

This has been a remarkable new moon for me here in Uruguay. The truth of this moon, how our dreaming bodies are intricately connected, has become miraculously manifest.

My initial learning curve had calmed down as orientation to the new surroundings was becoming routine. In fact, I was beginning to feel a bit downcast and to doubt that my desire to connect more intimately with community would be possible in a place where I knew absolutely no one. Also, my initial forays of exploration did not produce the vibrations that make one sing. This is compounded by the fact that my stay is a mere four months and more intimate connections take time. Human needs are similar and structures are put into place that make it difficult for connection when one is working long hours and taking care of basic needs. This is a reality no matter where one lands on Grandmother Earth.

However, my dreaming body persevered. I was becoming a familiar presence in establishments I frequented, making wonderful connections here and there. I was thankful for the warmth and care extended to me by individuals in their work place. Eventually, at the time of this new moon, the seed I planted to connect with community became a reality in the most magical of ways. Isn’t it always so and what a gift!  I have met two very special human beings with whom I have begun to share a joyful connection beyond and my heart is full!

Because of this, inspiration is flourishing within me and I now feel a tremendous desire to engage my creative potential once again. I am astonished with the feminine truths of each and every moon cycle, each and every year. Our dreaming bodies are intricately connected to all of life and I am grateful for this truth.

Artwork: “Madre de Maiz”

I am happy to present the 10th painting in my Heritage Steppingstone series entitled, “Madre de Maiz” or Corn Mother. She has taken quite a while to conceptualize and complete. I enjoyed “dancing” around the sheet of paper.

Madre de Maiz represents the cultivation of corn in Mesoamerica (the heart of Mexico) some 7000 years ago. Recent research indicates that this agricultural revolution may have predated the well known agricultural revolution in the Near East by 1000 years. It is fitting that she walks tall and proudly shares her bounty.

Do You Remember?

Have you ever had anyone tell you that they feel a deep sense of “connection” to you? It is as if they have known you before, in another time or another life?

When I decided to launch my next 13 Feminine Truths group, I knew that I wanted individuals who would “know” me and understand what I was attempting to accomplish. The group needed to be composed of caring, open people who were also courageous. The “dream” part of me chose the number of participants that I wanted and then it all came together within a couple of weeks.

We attract the people that we need into our lives much like spiders attract their prey. We build our webs and fill them with our intention and then wait for it to arrive. All we need to do is “pretend” that it has already happened.


I love Spiderwoman, the symbol of creation. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have the world. She spun it into being, then gave us the alphabet. All of us have a bit of Spiderwoman inside of us. From the delicate energy fibers emanating from our thoughts and core, we have the ability to create our visions. But it requires work. The beauty of the composition of webs are the work that went into them. Some spiders build an intricate web and then take it apart the same day, only to begin again the next day. Work and practice, practice and work…that’s how dreams become reality.