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Intend Your Path With Heart

Wings a FlyingThe new moon just passed and no matter how many years I do this, it always is astonishing how my life coincides with the moon’s feminine truth. Of course, it’s important to intend new beginnings as well as feeling good about how things end. There will always be contradictions and challenges in between. Over a year ago, my partner of 30 years, applied for a position to live in South America for a few months. His desire was ongoing over 10 years having applied before and failed. Our family motto is never, ever, ever give up!

Here we are with new intentions, in a new land, learning many new things, and developing new resiliencies. I am so grateful!

Dreaming A Better World

One of the joys of going into this transition to fall and “looking within” is to contemplate how thoughts are tied to actions. If we continue to practice our Medicine training, these thoughts may become acute manifestations in our waking life.

When we are intentional about how we enter the Silence to create a living, breathing image that we may hold for the self, we are “dreaming”. We have the ability to transform our vision of the self and create something new.

As we sculpt the form of this new self, ideas abound. New pathways for understanding how to implement new actions come because, no matter what our circumstance, we are perpetually creative beings. There is force and power in that.

I had a friend who posted this sentence on her refrigerator: “Don’t you ever, ever–never, never– give up!”

I like this quote from Wayne Gretsky: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Keep dreaming!

The Looking Within Cycle

Met with my beautiful class participants yesterday. It was time to highlight the purpose of the last rotation for this year on the Medicine Wheel–the time of looking within.

As we shared with one another we are all busy thinking about what our Medicine Shields will look like, what materials we have needed to gather, and how our ideas have influenced one another. The rest will be up to each individual. All are well equipped with the principle tools and symbolic language to practice with depth the art of looking within.

The one dilemma for each was a lingering worry about the execution of the artwork. I just keep reminding them of my own process: to overcome the fear by telling myself that I don’t care if I mess up. It’s just a blank canvas and I give myself permission to begin again. I remind myself that making marks is fun. The result will emerge one step at a time.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve been able to give this upcoming month a name (Seeking Balance) and acknowledge the ebb and flow of the movement of Grandmother Earth, I, too, am feeling the need to journey inward. This upcoming period of rest will be welcome.  Last year, at this time, I was recovering from a serious setback to my health. I quit writing my blogs altogether until the new year. I felt additional distress because I had been consistent over three years. I thought I wouldn’t be able to come back. I couldn’t even give a name to what I was going through. This year, I feel healthier than ever and looking forward to stretching the body a little bit more. Every tweak is important and propels me into a bright future.

I think, though, that I will allow myself to slow down a bit, and write every other week until January. There is a lot going on and I want to be present to be able to give and receive with delight and enthusiasm.


Hello Dear Readers,

I have been intending my Path With Heart over the course of the new moon cycle which ended last week. The Full Moon cycle began last Friday. All I can report in is that I am continuing to heal myself with nourishing foods, exercise, and body work. I have recently discovered essential oils and am applying them liberally in concert with meridians that I have learned from acupuncture. All is going well.

Last week I went to the beach for another respite from the agricultural dust in my town. What surprised me was the uplifting buoyancy that I felt. I actually ran along the water’s edge in four sequences! This was remarkable considering my breath was so labored five short weeks ago that I thought I might die. I’m looking forward to following my intuition and applying all of the Indigenous Medicine knowledge that I have to become a timeless Woman of Power.

9th New Moon Cycle

The 9th new moon of the year came and went at the end of last week. The feminine truth for this cycle is all about being intentional on your Path With Heart. Last moon cycle, I experienced shamanic death which manifested in a traumatic physical stress. I, like the fool, was knocked on my ass, and there was no where but to calmly look up and gently move forward. For me the lesson and shift in conscious living will most likely be permanent. I really can’t see things in the same way I did before. As a result, I have become a lot more intentional about how I will interact in the world and with myself. I continue to be on the path to healing, balance and whole wisdom.

A wonderful outcome of “death” is rebirth. I am renewed to continue to teach about the Medicine Wheel, Indigenous Wisdom and the 13 Feminine Truths. I have figured out a new poster to entice interested parties to go on the yearlong journey with me in 2014. I have decided to rename the class, “The White Bear Medicine Shield” because we will, in fact, construct a Medicine Shield throughout the year. It will weave and integrate all of the learning for each participant. I really like the new framework. My former participants have told me that constructing their shields changed their lives. I have a vision of a million shields reflecting the ecstatic love and nurturing of the feminine throughout the world. May it be so.