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Embracing Change

Since the designation of “Transformation” as my guiding principle for 2016 (my choice completely), life has been anything but routine. However, with change comes an inevitable cycle which includes a gestation component making me restless and antsy. I await the unfolding of something grand, usually with a mixture of both trepidation and impatience, without realizing that imperceptible, gradual change is already in process.

Such is what has occupied my time this past month. I relish the prospect of change (for the most part) but I want it to happen now. Anxiety about what the change will be has caused me to want to get out of my body as well as out of town. To take my mind out of this loop as well as treat my body to some serious relaxation, I embraced some little day trips to places steeped in nostalgia and love. This was serious healing and although I have returned home well rested, it is a challenge to simply be. The battle for meaning (a continuous polemic between rigor and complacency) is tempered with faith.

The Cycle of Change

This month has seen busy preparations for the impending lifestyle change as I will be living in South America for a while. This change fits nicely with this month’s truth about the cycle of life, a change from birth through death and then renewal. I am so ready for a new adventure! I am blessed in that I like to flow with change. I welcome new possibilities. The downside of it is that I battle patience. Once I am ready for the new, I have to live with the dead zone that precedes it. This is the part that I often call “nebula-ville”. It’s so foggy and I’m not myself. However, the positive message “All good things in their own perfect time” is good to repeat because it’s true. So I am pleased because the time has finally arrived and I go willingly and embrace change. I am not being naïve to think that it won’t have its challenges. Rather, I am mentally prepared to see with new eyes and feel with new senses. I promise to let you know how it goes. Ho!

Healing Energy

This coming weekend will be the eighth full moon, She Who Heals. We have now completed the second full rotation around the Medicine Wheel. In the final rotation of this year we begin an inward journey. We have spent a good deal of time learning about the truth of our interconnectedness with all of life. Our next rotation will be devoted to how we capture the power of our center–our interior being.

I am going to ask you to spend time during the full moon cycle, August 9-11, to go deep into the silence, in whatever way is comfortable for you. I want you to see yourself as a being made from love, radiating love and health. Before you do that, however, reflect on what these symbolic words mean to you–love and health. What do they look like? feel like? Spend time basking in the energy of this power that emanates from within.

Sacred Laws and Health

As we continue to “spiral” around the Medicine Wheel with the Feminine Truths, we have arrived at the Northeast position. It is the place of the “Dog Soldiers” on the Circle of Law. Dog has the special medicine power of “Loyalty”. And the Northeast is the intersection of “Wisdom and Logic” and “Illumination and Enlightenment”. It is the place of “laws” and “morals”.

Indigenous wisdom held that laws are truths because they do have a moral imperative. Since the Children’s Fire is in the center of the Medicine Wheel and governing Circle of Law, Indigenous leaders continuously reflected on any decision’s impact on and consequence to future generations. The goal was to maintain the healthy balance of the tribe.

The Dog Soldier is the foot soldier for the tribal community. She is the loyalist who helps to maintain the Health and Balance of her people based on the Sacred Feminine Truths.

8th New Moon

Last Friday was the 8th new moon for this year, 2012. In Jamie Sams’ book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, she is called, “She Who Heals”. When we choose to embrace love, the practice for the seventh moon, we are able to become healed no matter what our wounds.

This month I will share the 8th Feminine Truth, that the Life we live is continuously changing. Our alignment principle will be to embrace the ebb and flow.