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Love and Change

I am a plant woman. I love my garden. This past month was spent immersed in the sacred act of weeding which I have renamed “sculpting”. It is the time when I let certain plants know that they have encroached too much in certain areas and give space to others that I want to flourish even more.

Spending this time has been healing. As you all know, this year has been a time of intense transformation in all aspects of my life. I have felt a restlessness because of the tremendous uncertainty that accompanies change. What to do? I think the best remedy is to focus on love.

I love all of my plants, even the ones that like to take over. Then I love converting some of those plants into meals from all different corners of the world. But this past month, since blueberries were prolific, I chose to make my first blueberry pie for my family. Since it turned out to be so easy, I ended up making three pies, each better than the previous! Practice really is worthwhile.

Another aspect of health was to honor what has past. Taking a trip of nostalgia to a place I used to call home, gave me a new appreciation for the subtle changes that a place can make as well.

Loving something unconditionally does contribute to one’s strength and compassion.  So I continue to work on my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and communal well being. More things emerge. They may be raw at first, but then the harsh discord subsides, and I know that I will be much more resilient in the future.

Ho! It is good!

Sacred Physical Acts

If you’ve been following me this year you know that I have devoted my attention to the word LOVE. As a referent, I have applied it to many experiences. I have also used it to take better care of myself, especially in light of my anticipated adventure to South America. I want to be fit, healthy and vibrant.

Today, I am paying special attention to the idea that every physical act is a sacred one, the seventh feminine truth because I knowingly indulged in a food that I knew would not make me feel good. I did it anyway and am living with the consequences. I feel rather diminished.

I guess I’m writing this as a sacred act of recognition so that I won’t do it to myself again. This is rather a stone carving or a blood oath. Don’t do it again! Be responsible. Take better care of yourself. Love yourself.

I do have a lot more compassion toward myself as I get older though. Indeed, I am grateful for that outcome! Teaching others that the path toward unconditional love is a balance between strength and compassion is easier stated than accomplished. We all make mistakes. Let’s try not to continue to hurt ourselves or others. We’ll become stronger, more resilient, and radiate the empathy that hopefully, will connect us to each other and all our relations.

Strong, Healthy, Powerful

Part of loving myself is staying in tune and alignment with being strong, healthy, and powerful. My desire is to radiate vibrant energy. As such, I have cultivated a wonderful garden and this is a time of harvesting some of the fruit.

There have been lots of beautiful plums which I have begun to understand. This past week has seen me try out many new recipes. During my research I have found that plums like tart berries, ginger, citrus juices, basil, and vanilla. Various pairings have produced wonderful results.

I’ve made plum crumble, plum BBQ sauce, plum chutney, plum chicken, plum relish, plum smoothie, plum sorbet, and plum salsa. I have a few more recipes to try out before the plums are all gone.

I’ve also been able to share the bounty of fresh, juicy plums with loved ones. Plums are joy.

Unconditional Love Balances Strength with Compassion

Can you say it’s OK to give unconditional love to project leaders in an organization when they have done wrong? I’m talking about people you work with but won’t necessarily befriend. Would you let them know with love?

I say, “Yes”. In fact, I just sent a compassionate letter to people deeply immersed within a system and found it both frustrating and hopeful. I know that when these types of tests arrive on one’s Path with Heart, it is a struggle to maintain composure. These can be very trying, emotional situations. There may be inherent confrontation.

However, I think that in our current world climate, there seems to be less space for a classical approach to dialog and debate. The reception of your address has to actually be “heard”. Also, power structure dominance has allowed for increasing polarization about what behaviors are “acceptable” and what are “wrong” when confronting institutional bias. This is disturbing because it suggests a weakening of democratic principles of inclusive participation.

For me, knowing what my boundaries are is both valuable and helpful. My advice: Become free from debt and health concerns. Find networks that are committed to helping you. From a place of strength you can love unconditionally and the power of that love is transformative.

Full Moon Mantra

The seventh alignment principle: Unconditional Love is a Balance of Strength & Compassion.

Wow! These past two weeks of the full moon cycle have seen me recuperating from a knee injury that came upon me unaware. When I was a child, my right leg turned out and my parents, thinking they were helping me, put me in a brace. When I was in my late 20s, I started to have problems with my right hip. I went to a Sikh chiropractor who worked in Beverly Hills. He immediately knew what had happened to me as a child and had special footwear made for me to put me back in balance. My leg began to untwist and I felt much, much better.

I found it fascinating that because I had felt disappointments recently, I had placed myself in an internalized, self-deprecating “loop”. The right side of me, which is the part of me that steps out into the world didn’t feel as though I could support myself. I couldn’t “stand” it and therefore, made myself incapacitated. When my knee finally gave out (and, boy, did it ever!) I had to chuckle at the conundrum I had placed on my health. I knew with absolute certainty that I needed to disrupt the messages playing inside my head. I sat down and began the following mantra:

I am strong, I am powerful, I am healthy, I am beautiful, and I am good enough.

Immediately, I felt a healing energy flood throughout my entire body. It was amazing and I knew that I would be on a quick road to recovery.

I recently read an article with Caroline Myss where she stated that whenever we know intuitively that something is going on with us and we choose to dismiss it or ignore it, we are not acting with integrity toward ourselves. I have really taken this to heart now, especially since I have experienced a lot of what life has chosen to send my way. I want to be strong and vibrant for many years to come. So I continue to repeat this mantra (or versions of it) everyday, forever disrupting the harsh things that I may say to myself and replacing them with kind and loving reminders of the power inside of me.