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Love and Change

I am a plant woman. I love my garden. This past month was spent immersed in the sacred act of weeding which I have renamed “sculpting”. It is the time when I let certain plants know that they have encroached too much in certain areas and give space to others that I want to flourish even more.

Spending this time has been healing. As you all know, this year has been a time of intense transformation in all aspects of my life. I have felt a restlessness because of the tremendous uncertainty that accompanies change. What to do? I think the best remedy is to focus on love.

I love all of my plants, even the ones that like to take over. Then I love converting some of those plants into meals from all different corners of the world. But this past month, since blueberries were prolific, I chose to make my first blueberry pie for my family. Since it turned out to be so easy, I ended up making three pies, each better than the previous! Practice really is worthwhile.

Another aspect of health was to honor what has past. Taking a trip of nostalgia to a place I used to call home, gave me a new appreciation for the subtle changes that a place can make as well.

Loving something unconditionally does contribute to one’s strength and compassion.  So I continue to work on my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and communal well being. More things emerge. They may be raw at first, but then the harsh discord subsides, and I know that I will be much more resilient in the future.

Ho! It is good!

Sacred Physical Acts

If you’ve been following me this year you know that I have devoted my attention to the word LOVE. As a referent, I have applied it to many experiences. I have also used it to take better care of myself, especially in light of my anticipated adventure to South America. I want to be fit, healthy and vibrant.

Today, I am paying special attention to the idea that every physical act is a sacred one, the seventh feminine truth because I knowingly indulged in a food that I knew would not make me feel good. I did it anyway and am living with the consequences. I feel rather diminished.

I guess I’m writing this as a sacred act of recognition so that I won’t do it to myself again. This is rather a stone carving or a blood oath. Don’t do it again! Be responsible. Take better care of yourself. Love yourself.

I do have a lot more compassion toward myself as I get older though. Indeed, I am grateful for that outcome! Teaching others that the path toward unconditional love is a balance between strength and compassion is easier stated than accomplished. We all make mistakes. Let’s try not to continue to hurt ourselves or others. We’ll become stronger, more resilient, and radiate the empathy that hopefully, will connect us to each other and all our relations.

Romantic Love

I’ve been posting a lot about love lately. It’s on my mind because many of my students are falling in love, confronting their preconceived notions about love and marriage, and just plain wondering how our deepest ideas about romantic love became institutional constructions.The best expert about the construction of our notion of romantic love comes from the myth/symbol master Joseph Campbell. But several of my students told me this past week that my long relationship with my partner gives them hope.

There is nothing comparable to the experience of two people (on the Beauty Path) trying to carve out a considerate and compromised life together. It is hard and easy. It is confining and freeing. It is joyful and sad. It is a test of endurance. It is one of the most difficult roads of communication. It is an unfathomable ocean.

If this path is taken, an intelligent woman needs someone who is her friend, matches her intellectual capability and curiosity, makes her laugh, and appreciates her in all ways. I say choose well in romantic love.

Seventh Moon Cycle

RoseIt was no coincidence that when I met with my students this past week to talk about the seventh moon cycle, their reflections already incorporated the truth. The idea of living with “intention” is an apt description. Since there is no meaning to life because life is just what it is–a cyclical process of renewal and decay– our meaning is derived from what we as individuals decide it should be.

If we are true seekers of knowledge then our choice is to embrace this feminine truth: On Our Path With Heart (The Beauty Way), there is a Sacred Intention for Every Physical Action.

Everything we think, say and do counts.

Heal Thyself

This last week proved challenging when I was suddenly confronted with my right knee giving out. It’s brutal when you can no longer walk. I had no one at home to help me as everyone was out of town but fortunately, I found a cane that I used a number of years ago when I fell and hurt this same knee. I thought a great deal about what the symbolism was behind all of this and it was true that I experienced a number of disappointments the last few months. Perhaps I felt that I could no longer stand it? I also knew that I had not been taking good care of myself when I should have been preemptive. For example, my gardening had resulted in sore muscles which I chose not to address.

So I went on a mental quest to heal my injuries as well as the physical one. I was completely immobile so what choice did I have? The main discipline I undertook was to reprogram my mind to accept that I am complete because I realized that the disappointments had led me to punish myself. My thoughts were about what I wasn’t and derailed what I was. When I focused this beam of acceptance on me, I could immediately feel the difference in my health. It’s amazing what we can do when we focus our power on the good and not the lack. With proper nourishment, rest, relaxation, and positive focus, I became mobile in a relatively short amount of time compared to the original pain that I felt. And I feel a more committed sense of accomplishment, engagement, and confidence.