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Transformative Times Begun!


It’s amazing how one word full of one’s heartfelt intention can bring about rapid change. I feel as though I’m leaping hurdles in fog. I just keep moving forward hoping that I may rest soon. My own sacred fire keeps me warm in the cold. Focusing on the moment at hand is all that matters.

I continue to address the needs of my body: lots of yoga and walking. This alleviates any anxiety that may creep into the musculature. Other than that, most of what unfolds before me is radiance. Humble gratitude is my blanket.


Made it to New Moon!

Ahhh! The second New Moon of the Year. Made it and am pretty much healed from the jolting entry. Much has happened but am feeling strong and positive.

Have been reading James Baldwin and accepting that state which is Life itself, not trying to rail against it. There really is no point. The Sacred Fire of Love exists within all Living Beings. Giving oneself patient and persistent love really helps to focus on that which we dream to make real.

I am still struggling with the desire to create anew. Right now, I live in the moment. Gentle exercise, preparing quality meals that nourish both body and soul, and encouraging loved ones is what sustains me. Touching the Earth by visiting my garden and thinking thoughts about the juxtaposition of inclusive language, as I try to reach beyond my experience to transcend limits of my experiential perception. These are the actions that fill my time right now.

I thank you for tuning in. I am grateful for all of the lessons.

A pattern has emerged that has me writing this blog on both the New Moon and the Full Moon. It feels right and so I will continue in this year, 2015. The year of Love.

Second Moon

Connecting with All Our Relations is to recognize their Sacred Fire of Love. It is the flame of Spirit within each living being. One of the tasks I ask my students to do is gather a Totem that is a symbolic representation of one of their Relations. This may seem easy to do but it is no small feat to have a Totem speak to you in a way that you are certain that it is meant to come home with you. You must exhibit discerning listening which is a disciplined practice.

One of the ways to foster this practice is to sit in meditation outside for a set length of time. I ask my students to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. During this time it is important to have a very high level of awareness and attention to everything that is going on around you. When I was first asked to engage in this discipline, one of my own teachers asked me afterward to describe the wind–from whence it came, how it shifted and when, what did it feel like, etc. I felt like such a dunce because the level of detail that was required of me was so far beyond anything that I had anticipated.

Actually, when I think about it, I was a dunce back then.  We allow our awareness of the other reality to be held on such a superficial level. There are many voices speaking to us if we would only allow ourselves to sit quietly and listen.

Full Moon Reflections & Lizard: Keeper of Dreams

Blog LizardHello. Today is the Full Moon. In the spirit of this wonderful Grandmother, I’ve been thinking about the symbolic “kinship” that I feel with all of the Natural World. When I allow myself space to honor all of Life and the Sacred Fire that exists within each living being, my heart and spirit expand. During these moments that may last only as long as one breath, I feels as though I am able to stop time.

This last week, an opportunity to submit a printmaking piece from my new animal series into a community show appeared. Carving linoleum is akin to sculpture and my interest in the infinite space of carving impeccably gives me lots of time to consider the “medicine” ways of each animal.

This last week I focused on the “Sweet Medicine” of Lizard: Keeper of Dreams. I was taught that the dreams lizard holds for us are dreams of sorcerers. They are power dreams full of intent, symbols and magic. My original design for Lizard intimidated me for many months. Finally the Sacred Fire within Lizard could no longer be contained and she helped me find the way to express her spirit. My heart is full.

The Sacred Fire of Love

Believe it or not, I am still in the process of organizing all of the projects that I want to diligently work on this year. Having launched into the second new moon of this year, I questioned my ability to stay on track as it sometimes is overwhelming to juggle all of the myriad considerations of being a woman. Happily, progress has been made and I feel renewed in my commitment.

“The Sacred Fire of Love Exists Within All Life” is the second feminine truth. My revelation from last week’s comtemplation of that truth is that I have begun to honor, as I have intended, the Sweet Medicine Animals of my ancestors. I began a linoleum cut series of animals and their symbolic meaning from my experience.

This series incubated in my imagination about 5 years ago but printmaking was prohibitive to me at that time. I either had to travel a great distance to study with someone of my choosing and the expense of owning a press and housing it was impossible. The dream came true when a printmaking cooperative was recently established in my home town. Now I am content carving away on linoleum twice a week and learning from the wonderful individuals who gather there and share their skills.

Indigenous wisdom “saw” the Sacred Fire of Love contained within all Life. I hope that my new series will ignite a connection between the symbolic power of each animal that I complete. My hope is that you see their “Fire”. I want to share the first one I did about 3 years ago.

It is Butterfly whose symbol means “Keeper of Sacred Places”. I hope you like it. 🙂