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Sacred Points of View

I have spent the last month reading lots of fiction and non-fiction to immerse myself in different points of view because I have begun to write fiction. Also, it has been fascinating to explore the world theater of politics. There’s definitely a lot going on. I’m trying not to be very judgmental in my experiences of peoples’ out-loud thoughts which are sometimes astonishing.

Since I have been recovering from so much emotional turmoil (both good and not so good) these past months, it has been a struggle to come to the blog. I apologize.

While I’m not entirely certain that my performance in the future months will be much better than it has been this year, I am heartened by the concept of “one step at a time”. Throwing out Indigenous Wisdom into the ether-sphere may have value.

New moon is tomorrow. I wish you all save travels.

New Moon, Storyteller

In anticipation of this grand new journey I will shortly be taking into South America, I have begun to familiarize myself with the current geo-political stratagem. This, in turn, has produced so many conflicting thoughts about freedom, sovereignty, our commons, and, of course, our beautiful Grandmother Earth and her children.

As we enter this sixth new moon of 2015, the lessons of Storyteller, are somewhat philosophical because here we ask one another to sit in debate (already having learned how to listen with our entire being) and reflect upon another’s point of view without judgment. This is so difficult. But the reason why this is crucial is because it is central to democracy. And our Circle of Law is very democratic.

There are many ways of framing a response to another’s point of view and, indeed, a story. What we need to remember is to “feel” our deep interconnection with All Our Relations and make sure that the story takes into account all sides of the Medicine Wheel of Knowledge. If it doesn’t, or there is only one point of view that is dominating the narrative, we have permission to ask deep and penetrating questions.

6th Feminine Truth

StrawberriesThis moon cycle, I realized that I needed to adapt the 6th Feminine Truth from when I first started this blog. This Truth is about how one speaks one’s personal truth consciously knowing that it is an art form. How many of us can or do speak without judgment, making comparisons, or having expectations? This can be a very challenging mind set to achieve.

My worthy opponents have always been people who don’t share the same philosophical underpinnings as me. Their world views usually appear at a far off distance from mine if one were to look at a continuum.

I have been practicing letting go.

Some of the reason for this is because I think that I am preparing for a move of some kind. Currently, there is a lot of creative energy for me regarding movement. Ideas are exploding. Mostly, it feels like a change of locale, but who knows? What I do know is that the more I let go of resentments and realize that annoyances may exist literally in my backyard or next door, it is still my choice to be completely free. Once I achieve this state of balance, I know that whatever change is to happen, will come graciously. Actually this is terrific motivation for diligent practice.

The Six


Storyteller, the sixth full moon, begins tonight. She is the seer of speaking the truth. The natural world is alive with song. All we have to do is be open to listen. We may even become a discerning enough listener and seer to ask questions and be confident that the answers will come. This, however, is a disciplined practice of routinely going into the silence.

This moon also reminds me of the six. I was taught that the number six represents all of our ancestors beginning with the Grandparents. When we call out to them in personal ceremony we may say, “All of Our Ancestors Who Have Loved Us Since Always”. I love this shout out. It’s beautiful.

When we honor the spiritual aspect of our human ancestry (the individuals who trekked and endured and brought change, so that we may have an enriched life experience because of their wisdom), I feel heartened. This is what the Medicine Chiefs, our philosophical/spiritual leaders, try to teach us. They want us to learn about our own symbolic language–how we interacted with what is real and tangible on the Good Red Road of Life.