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First Full Moon of the New Year 2016!

Reentry into North America has been fascinating. The winter weather belies a frost in both culture and adaptation these past three weeks. That is why I missed the New Moon blog post. On the other hand, perceptions may be misleading. What I do know is change is upon me and I desire to flow with grace.

It’s been important to me to ascribe to and embark upon periodic adventures in quotidian disruption. Uruguay was a prelude. I have read my cards for the New Year, and chosen my touchstone word, “Transformation”. This New Year is full of possibility even though it will result in shamanic death yet again. The humble path awaits.

Body Knowing has spoken its joy in physical exercise as well as both culinary research and experimentation.  I found that I am much more playful at meal preparation. And while I still prepare the same foods, there is additional skill with variety. It is the same with exercise. Hard won fitness built a certain level of strength and endurance that determination does not intend to lose. There is less inhibition and more confidence regarding my own healing and mortality.

Surprising emails from friendly acquaintances have delighted me. It seems as though I’ve made a few more lasting relationships than I had ever imagined. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to experience another way of being. What I discovered is that we are all one. There is a tenderness in all of our hopes and dreams as humans on this beautiful planet.

I’m thinking of Spider Woman right now. She wove the world. Each one of us may weave a strand into the fabric of life and hope that it is a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing addition to the tapestry.

Happy New Year! Please remember our first feminine truth: Everything Is Born of Woman. Because it is thus, We are in Kinship with All of the Natural World.


Happy New Moon 2015!

Hello Dear Readership!

The official New Year begins for me on the New Moon which was technically yesterday. I have to tell you that the last week before the New Moon was so wrought with challenges and excitements that I am utterly exhausted! The mantra, “Never, ever, give up!” helps me examine the meaning that I have created in this life and it is always good.

I have chosen “Love” as my touchstone word for this year of moons. I rejoice in the presence of this symbol for my intention in the coming months. I think that I will need it. While I have gone into nature and acknowledged the love that I feel for “All My Relations”, I continue to astound at the vitriol and violence that is present in our waking dream. It has caused me to reassess the shamanic philosophy that I once held dear that I may anticipate outcomes if I exercise acute awareness. Of course, I don’t want to adopt any hubris that I am unable to make mistakes. In fact, I know through experience that there will be moments of humiliation on my path.  These episodes help me keep my sense of humor and stay humble.

New philosophical thoughts emerge that ask me to confront the “chaos theory” of misdirected (and sometimes violent) intentions due to: (1) the lack of social justice directives for our needy human relations on Earth; and (2)  the prevalence and persistent pervasiveness of fear-generating propaganda. I am now open to the idea that random collisions are within probability. While this is frightening, I promise to send out love as a barrier of protection. I promise to exercise courtesy, thoughtfulness, and graciousness. I promise to enhance my state of awareness so that I may erect proper boundaries. I promise to move forward each and every day to help teach the symbolic language of my ancestors, to elevate the “feminine” principle, “Everything is Born of Woman”, and to help my human relations learn the power of Balance on their Paths With Heart.

At present, I will be writing to you on a weekly basis as I did last year. As always, I have plans for new ideas but they are in flux and unfolding. Thank you for all of your support!


My new touchstone word for the year is Tranquility.

So, let’s see, how have I been coming into alignment with this word.

Tuesday, my class met for the second time this year and for the first time, since I have been teaching this course (and its incarnations), I feel completely comfortable with the material and, more importantly, my approach to the material. It has a really nice flow and this makes me feel both happy and content.

One of the practical things that I decided to do last year was to bow out of my community activities. I was so tired at the end of the year that I couldn’t even keep up with my blog to which I had been very diligent. I decided to let it go and take a breather. Now, I look forward to writing again especially since my new class participants are teaching me so much.

Some individuals I know can proceed when things are chaotically swirling around them. I am not one of those people. I need order so that I may think. I have slowly been reorganizing my home and work spaces so that they are free of all the clutter (physical, emotional, spiritual) that I can imagine.

Last night, I cleared my computer of most all of my organized, favorites pages. I had a huge amount of bookmarks and I can’t tell you why. It’s a relief to know one’s not really missing anything. Got everything updated too. I like the idea of creating a sense of space again!

I think I’ll just keep whittling away at all of the distractions that are keeping me from the things that I really want to make room for in my work and life. Also, I’m going to make a conscious effort to develop my awareness about my conceit and self-importance this year. I want it tamed.

I call All My Relations into my Medicine Circle. I ask for your help and guidance. May tranquility surround me.  With a grateful heart, WWS.


Past and Present

Spirit of Rotorua by VL Martinez

“Spirit of Rotorua” by VL Martinez

I had a deadline I wanted to meet for a show about the islands of the Pacific. Located in the Southwest Pacific is the island of New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to travel there when my daughter turned 15. We went to visit her second grade teacher who had moved there with her family. Walking around, I was frequently mistaken for Maori which was equally surprising and pleasurable. I admired the beautiful women delineating their familial lineage through their facial tattoos.

I wondered what my facial tattoo might look like and made this painting. I knew I needed to offer something about my ancestral ties and heritage. I chose to replicate a Mesoamerican butterfly design that was found and predates the Spanish colonial invasion of the Americas. I love this work. It connects me to the symbols, customs and practices of indigenous people across the world from me and with whom I feel a special connection.

Further, and probably because of this work, I refined my touchstone word for the year. Instead of PEACE, it is now TRANQUILITY. Tranquility is exactly how I feel when I think about my time spent in the sacred land of the Maori people; the spiritual place in the world they call home. I have titled my piece “Spirit of Rotorua”. Rotorua being the heart center of the Maori located on the North Island.

I think that I am off to a good start this year with this word. It has already put me in a good frame of mind looking toward the future.

First Assignment

My completed design from the Ukraine, 3500 B.C.E.

My completed design from the Ukraine, 3500 B.C.E.

With the start of class came much intensive learning (I had at least 12 objectives for the first class, a 2 hour session!) and several assignments to be completed over the course of a month. The most important of which was to begin to become familiar with the creative aspect of self. We will, after all, be making a White Bear Medicine Shield. The shield will tell a story. The story will be about the power of the individual who crafts it.

I know how I first felt submitting to the incredible void of creativity, this power of the feminine. It was daunting even as I wished to commit myself to its mystery. So I decided that we needed to have an entry point that was doable and non-threatening. I chose to have each participant color a pre-formed mandala from Susanne F. Fincher’s book, Coloring Mandalas, Circles of the Sacred Feminine. The book has 50 designs to choose from.

Each participant had about 10 minutes each to select one or two pages that spoke to them. They needed to be able to work on it in the first week (and, hopefully complete it). One of my participants shared with me that even though she had selected an “easy” design, the execution of it was challenging because she wanted the colors to imbue meaning (from within her) to the coloring page. From the teacher’s perspective, this is precisely what I hoped would be sparked from the assignment.