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Looks Far Woman

Wow! Believe me when I say that choosing the word “Transformation” as my touchstone word for the year has been REAL. Nearly everything that I have, has changed. It has been, at times, excruciatingly painful. However, through diligent and sustained effort, unexpected resiliency emerges from all aspects of my being. That is pretty cool. As a consequence, I really have no other desire than to continue to work on my health as well as support the health of my beloveds.

In this past moon, the most significant and transformative event was that my mother died. Difficult to explain, but I felt sensitive on so many levels. You come to believe that you will feel loss, and, of course, this is true. However, the feeling of dramatic separation, at least for me, was far more intense. I became separated from, not only the DNA connection, but from memories, and histories, realizing that the stories that we have upheld may be let go.

Directly after, I experienced the sensation of a kind of formless floating, whereupon, my imagination began to conceive a notion of how,  since all previous connection was severed, to reapply form .

Carlos Castaneda was correct when he wrote about the relationship of personal power to the DNA connections with our relations. A mother’s “give-away” that is the part of herself which brings life into the world, is tremendous.

And so I honor my mother for the gift of life that she gave to me. And I have promised myself not to take it for granted.


Choosing My Desire

This year’s symbol, the Hierophant (5), is asking me to focus my spiritual “Path with Heart” with practicality. For me, it’s all about being at the North of the Medicine Wheel. Ironically, that was my axis position for both of the Medicine Teachers (Harley Swiftdeer and Twylah Nitsch) who positioned me as one of their Four Winds. Through my heart center and intuition, I will look at the relationships I have built and see the choices I must make. Every choice must have a strong grounding so that I may continue to be healthy and whole. Looking at the world with wonder and curiosity must be central to my purpose, vision and creativity. Actively working on my creative purpose will allow me to manifest my vision into form.

Based on all of the above information, I feel that my chosen desire from the Bhagavad Gita is to gain power. (The four desires are: the desire to reduce pain; the desire to feel better, the desire to gain internal and external power over our lives; and the desire to achieve spiritual discrimination) I feel that I have parceled my power away and so I feel scattered. Why is it that I have so intently taken up cooking? I feel power in making choices about what goes into my body and how it affects my well-being and state of mind in the moment. I feel power in pulling my weeds which in reality is transforming my garden to a tranquil retreat of harmonious and aesthetic pleasure.

Happily, I feel like creating art once again. I began working on a piece for a former student and now an adopted daughter. So as I write this I want to thank you for being here and doing this with me. I am humbled by how close I become with so many of my students. It matters to me what happens to you in your life and that you are well. Hopefully, some of the tools that have been handed down through wondrous Indigenous wisdom help you become strong and balanced individuals. I have faith in you.

Nature Responds

With the advent of the New Moon last week, I began my reflection on the Fourth Feminine Truth which honors that all answers may be found within the natural world. This natural world also includes our innermost awareness when we are balanced and at one with the Stillness. In this state, we may become receptive to messages as well as sending them.

A friend introduced me to Runes a couple of weeks ago and loaned them to me for a time. This year has been a time of upheaval and change so I occasionally draw a Rune to give me an encouraging touchpoint for the day or week. Any archetypal symbol holds ancient connections to our psyche and existential experience. Many provide direct connections to the symbolic power of nature.

Through Indigenous wisdom, I was taught that silencing the interior mind was key to being able to listen to the voices of All My Relations in the natural world. If I feel that an initiation is happening to me, something new that I have never experienced before, I feel comfortable asking for assistance from all of Life. The highest part of my being connects with that unseeable and invisible force that is beyond my capacity to understand. I surrender to it by accepting that it’s real. Almost certainly, I receive feedback deep within me that helps me take my next steps forward.

“Seeing” Habits

One of the best ways to become a discerning “Seer” is to develop a positive attitude to become impeccably aware of habits and/or habitual responses and then change them.

I teach my students that a little “tweaking” of one habit may have a profound effect or provide new insight. It definitely alters perception.

The only person we may change is oneself.


One of the ways to practice your discipline is through meditation. Providing yourself with the intention to trust what your inner wisdom will “show” you so that you may “see” is to become a discerning practitioner.

Since we are each individuals, the ways that we may “see” vary from person to person and each way is valid. Some of us see clear visual images, some see through body knowing awareness, some see from a gut reaction, and some see through a combination of all of the above.