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2017–A New World Unfolds

As we walk on our journey through Life, sometimes we may find it difficult to navigate. This explains communication dropping off at the end of 2016. Also, it’s hard to fathom that March is nearly here. The New Moon for 2017 arrived late in January so I find myself on a different timeline than what the calendar signals. Perhaps these new rhythms naturally occur when one is disrupted and unplugged.

My travels to Uruguay rekindled a love for simple human experience and connection. Our common humanity made me realize that the fragile underpinnings of social justice in a world hungry for development and opportunity are still subject to duplicitous greed and corruption. This was reinforced upon my return to the United States.

It became meaningful to redirect my energies to examine my purpose inclusive of health, community building, and, my expertise in strategic planning and education. The Dakota Access Pipeline protests by the Water Protectors helped me to re-align with my ability to teach the symbolic language of our ancestors here in the Americas.

I am reinvigorated to launch the easy reader, children’s books that I planned in the fall of 2014. I believe that it is important to teach our children about the importance of preserving our commons heritage. Environmental Justice is intersectional justice because it includes love for All Our Relations. All of Life deserves respect and honor. We are both individual and One on our planet Earth.

In the coming months, I will be developing pages for a counting book and ABC book designed for pre-school age children. Feel free to download the pages as they appear. The original artwork will be for sale at the end of the enterprise.

I hope you enjoy this new adventure.

In peace, Victoria

Gratitude Continued…


Part of the expansiveness of Gratitude is to accept all that has occurred in one’s experience of Life. There are the dark moments as well as the uplifting ones. All teach us something.

As I get ready to leave Uruguay in a few days, I am grateful for the well spring of kindness that I have received. There have been misunderstandings as well which have made me feel sorrow. However, it is encouraging to remember that all challenge may present positive outcomes if we take the opportunity to reflect on each and every lesson.

I’m grateful that I may continue to have an open attitude toward my own learning. Experience is quite personal and meaning for me continues to come from relationships of inclusion rather than blame.

On this Christmas Day I send out to the Universe and All My Relations thoughts of peace and love. I am full.

Light and Shadow

Uruguay is teaching me to have profound comfort in my own skin. That is not to say that I still don’t have lots to learn on my Path with Heart. It’s just that this is the first time, in a really long time, where I don’t feel incomplete because I’m only focusing on the shadow side of my nature. I feel acceptance. Because of this, I give myself over to the totality of me. I know that I have lots to work on but I can accept, and even give love to, my imperfection. I will strive always to keep the good in front of me, to be impeccable in my vision of what I would like to be in the world, and to try to make a difference.



Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of my readers. I am full with gratitude, love and joy. Here’s wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year full of promise and potential. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming year.

Merry Christmas!

FBI send you LOVE and JOY! Hope you will be able to relax and take in all that LIFE has to offer. The journey is so worth it and so are you! I am blessed to have such BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING companions on the journey.

Thank you from the depths of my heart.